I Locked Myself Out

TRH (The Retired Husband) was away visiting the olds in Queensland a couple of weeks ago. My neighbour knew I was home alone with the fourlegged little girl. She kindly invited me to join her family for dinner.  About twenty minutes before I was due to go over, one of my other neighbours popped in.  … More I Locked Myself Out

Awesome Photos

My nephew is dabbling in photography. Ari Tanska Photography  Two views of the South Australian coastline   Sellick’s Hill, SA   Mt Crawford in Autumn The Moon – what do I do with it? I could be biased, but I think he’s a talented young man! Raili Tanska Steps for Peace Spend time in Nature

Hugs Are Good

When was the last time you gave someone a hug? Or had one yourself? Think back to that time. What did it feel like?  I don’t mean just the physical feel of it. I mean the WHOLE thing. Science has of course studied this phenomena. It has been validated as a good thing. More than … More Hugs Are Good

How to plant a tree

Over the years our little cul-de-sac has been eroded of council planted shade trees in front of the houses. We are all meant to have one. Last year I counted that there were 4 missing. And with new houses being built, there will be a need for even more. So I contacted the council requesting … More How to plant a tree