Chatting with a Chair

Me: Hey! I love you.

Chair: Wha? You talkin’ to me?

Me: Sure am. You look so awesome.

Chair: No-one, I mean NO-ONE has ever said that to me before.

Me: Really? I’m surprised. You are such a gorgeous looking seat.

Chair: I don’t understand. I’m made from scrap timber and stuck here in this corner of a garden where no-one ever comes. And if they do, they just walk past me. I doubt they even see me at all.

Me: You know what. Being made from ‘scrap’ timber, as you say, is such an in thing now. Why, TRH (The Retired Husband) goes around collecting old bits of timber, pallets and the like, and turns them into the most beautiful items.  He’s even going to make us a bed. Can you believe that?

Chair: Well, I never. Who would have thought. You mean to say I’m trendy?

Me: Oh yeah, baby! You’re trendy alright. What’s more, if it’s OK with you, I’d like to take a photo of you to show him.

Chair:  Sure. Why not..

Me: Can I sit on you for a bit? I know – that sounds weird, but you are made for being sat on.

Chair: I would be honoured to have your derriere perched on me.

Me: Thank you so much. You know what else is awesome about you. I mean other than being made from scrap timber. Your back is part of an old wagon wheel. It looks really good. And your seat is wide enough to take even the most generously proportioned derrieres. I bet you didn’t know how hard it is to find seats like that. What’s more, your arms are wide enough to perch a drink and plate on them. In fact, there’s not a lot not to like about you.

Chair:  I don’t feel so sad and depressed anymore. Maybe there will be others who will want to sit on me too.

Me: For sure. I’m so glad I met you.

©  Raili Tanska

Written in response to Lade Calen’s Sandbox Exercise 16

Steps for Peace
Take a seat and have a chat…

Soul Gifting April 2018

goes to Cathi of the Yellow Brick Road fame. She posts conversations with inanimate objects. Deep meaningfuls about life, the universe and everything. Like this chat with Swiss Cheese. Most illuminating and tasty. This is what Cathi has to say about her chats –

 ” I see it through the eyes of middle aged characters and beyond.  To name a few, I’ve chatted with a graying dandelion,  a raisin whose heart is breaking as she lets go of her grape kids, and an older tree feeling much more fragile than she used to. Even the Tooth Fairy is considering a second career as an Implant Fairy. They’re all searching for ways to hold onto their sparks or find new ones. Every conversation reminds me that different ages and stages are revolving around us all the time…and our creativity carries us through. “

I encourage you to don your red, sparkly Dorothy shoes and go skip along that yellow brick road for a bit. I have made a detour or two down my own Yellow Brick road too!

26 thoughts on “Chatting with a Chair

  1. I don’t claim to be a writer but I do talk to things. Mostly my dog who understands ….she just doesn’t pay attention and stays in trouble. and plants. They really do better when I let them know I care. Now if I can remember to water more often. hehe

    1. I talk to my dog all the time. I swear to god she understands me. Mum used to talk to her plants and they thrived on it. So does Prince Charles so you’re in good company 🙂 Don’t stop!

  2. I love that you spoke to that chair. You did a good deed. I think the fact that all chairs accept our rear ends with dignity and care is a reason to thank them, and you took it to the next step. Great conversation! And thank you soooo much for that beautiful shout out to my blog. You touched my heart.

  3. What a lovely post. Sometimes all we need is to talk, talk endlessly, randomly, and anything we want to tell, the secrets, .. and when there’s no one to talk to then these things help us and make us feel better by just listening to us.
    I think I should do a post on pillow talk. You gave me an interesting idea.😀😊💞

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