Useful cooking tips

I learnt some new tricks watching this –

What’s more, there is no swearing in either of these videos!

And I learnt some more new tricks from this one too!

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
We choose hope over fear.
We see the future not as something out of control.
but as something we can shape for the better
through concerted and collective effort.  Barrack Obama



10 thoughts on “Useful cooking tips

      1. You noticed that too?! I recently watched a documentary series he about cocaine. It was really interesting. He went as far as going to Colombia to trace where it is grown, harvested, manufactured, marketed etc etc. He was shocked to discover ALL his restaurants, when tested, showed traces of it. He is passionate about fighting it as his brother is an addict.

    1. I don’t either, Ivor. I generally read a recipe and more often than adapt it to suit my need and pantry contents! But these had some great practical tips of chopping etc.

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