Let’s Make Our World A Better Place

I found this in my archives from July 2016.
Given we’ve just had Earth Day, it seemed a good time to re-post it. 


I don’t know about you, but I want the world to be a better place. OK, I know that’s kind of a trendy mantra going around the traps. But, let’s not let that get in the way. Sometimes trendy is good. Really good. In this case it is good.

Every night when I sit down to watch the news, there are more stories of horrors and atrocities unfolding across the world. Death, murder, mayhem, corruption, terrorist attacks, copy cats…. you know how it goes. It’s become all too familiar. The list seems to be endless.

Seriously, the scales need to be tipped back to a world where we treat each other with respect and dignity. Regardless of who we are. After all, we ARE all human.

Just in our part of the world two issues have emerged in the last week that are beyond words, they are so horrific. I am appalled that we as a nation have allowed this to happen. What is wrong with us?

It has come to light that children in a detention centre in Darwin are being abused, victimised, bullied, tortured. It’s horrific what has been uncovered. I wept when I heard this story. So very, very sad. Children! No words are enough. Swift action is needed. That seems to have started. Following hot on the heals of this nightmare we have also been informed that the SA Child Protection  Services are unable to respond to huge numbers of requests for help. Goodness knows what else is happening in the rest of this ‘civilised’ nation of ours. (Postscript: this case created some momentum for change.)

The second case is equally as horrific and disturbing. And closer to home for me. An 89 year old bedridden gentleman suffering from dementia was physically assaulted and abused by a carer. I wept when I heard this story too. Visions of this being done to my father were lurking. Dad has been gone for many a year now. I know he was well cared for. But, did this kind of thing happen to him as well and we never knew? A ten month jail sentence was reduced to just 19 days in this instance!! This case has raised a lot of issues, not the least of which is monitoring care giving and appropriate sentencing for offences. And again, goodness knows what else is happening in the rest of this ‘civilised’ nation of ours. (Postscript: there have been many other instances of elder abuse, resulting in major changes to the aged care sector here in our state.)

I decided a long time ago that I was NOT going to buy into the helplessness, hopelessness, rage and fear that stories like these tend to generate. Or course I cannot help but be moved. Were I not, what would that say about me? Feelings, like everything else, have an energy loading to them. Not just that, like energy attracts like energy. So if I get wrapped up in the yuk of it all, I’m just creating more of it! Now that makes no kind of sense at all. Mind you, I’m not saying that I’m sitting back doing nothing. That doesn’t help anyone the least little smidgen. And it certainly does nothing to bring about change.

These are all ways we can take Steps for Peace


So what can we do? Well, that depends on you and what you are prepared to do. Let’s see:

♥ You could become a social activist lobbying for change. Wonderful if that’s what you are moved to do! There are some really inspirational people out there doing just that. Like this lady for instance who wants to eradicate domestic violence. People like her might like some help – in whatever way you can offer it.

 You could do something like this enterprising young nine year old and help the homeless.

  You could do what one of my friends does. She irons the shirts  and cooks the occasional meal for her very elderly neighbour in her spare time as a mum of five.

  You could go through your wardrobe and donate those items that never see light of day to someone who would really appreciate them.

  You could go through you pantry cupboard and donate those items at the back that are still within eat by date and donate them to a hungry person.

  You could buy a cup of coffee and a meal for someone who can’t afford it.

You could provide bedding and food for rescue animal shelters.They appreciate old blankets, linen – things that help to keep the animals warm and comfortable. Our winter here has been bitterly cold. Even old newspapers can be recycled, shredded and used. If not by animal rescue, perhaps the local vet.

I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to teach you how to suck eggs. What I’m saying here is there are any number of creative and practical ways we can make a difference.  And you don’t have to make a big song and dance about it either.  Be the Mystery Person who does nice things for others!

Now let’s have a bit of a think about what else can be done in the quiet of your own home and mind. These may sound simplistic and perhaps even naive to some.  Remember the KISS principle? Works really well here too :

Pray. There is a profound power and healing in heartfelt prayers. You don’t have to use a set formula. Or even talk to a particular Deity. Just talk. Do it with intent and sincerity through the heart.

Stay  focused on the goodness that is around. Be happy. It’s infectious. Here’s a list of ten simple things you can do to create happiness. The bonus here is there is scientific evidence to validate all of them.

Yield to the power of Grace and Gratitude.

Quietly focus with intent on the opposite of what you are seeing, hearing, watching. It makes you a powerful energy change agent.  It will stop you from being swept up in the drama –  and make you feel better.

Anger/Fear: Flood the world with Peace

Hatred: Flood the world with Love

Abuse: Flood the world with kindness

Discrimination/Judgement: Flood the world with acceptance

Corruption: Flood the world with honour and integrity

Greed: Flood the world with sharing and caring

Pollution: flood the world with cleanliness, clean water, clean air

Poverty: Flood the world with Abundance

Hunger: Flood the world with nutrition

Have a look at what others are doing. You will be amazed!

Be Kind

Free photo shoots for kids with Downs Syndrome

From trash to treasure

Living in a nursing home

 Start! Anytime, like right now for instance, would be good.

kids jumpingkids jumpingkids jumping

 Start! Anytime, like right now for instance, would be good.

© Raili Tanska


13 thoughts on “Let’s Make Our World A Better Place

  1. A lovely caring and inspiring post, and yes we need our world to have more love and compassion. And every little bit helps, and hopefully my small inputs help too.

  2. Amen and Lord come soon…very soon. It has been my prayer for a while now that it is the children,,,Lord our children are in need of you. thanks for reminding those who may not know just how terrible the situation is,

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