Into the Future

What is that sound?  I could swear it sounds just like a giant zipper.

And you know what? It actually is!

I am standing looking out the window. All I can see is a giant zipper that is slowly pealing open to reveal a brilliant blue sky.  And caught slap bang in the middle of it was   a fluffy cotton wool of a cloud shaped like a heart!

Truly, no-one would believe me unless they saw it for themselves.  Geez, I didn’t believe it and I was looking at it. Maybe I’m dreaming. Yes, that’s it. Just to make sure, I pinched myself. Ouch! That hurt. Damn!! I’m not dreaming.

Now what? I looked around. There was no-one else within cooee.

The interesting thing about all this is that I’m not in the least bit scared. Surreal as it all is, I’m curious. I want to know more. Is the world being pealed of its outer layer to reveal something new and different? ‘Cos if that’s the case, I want to see what’s beyond that zipper.

I’m still not at all sure if I am in sort sort of weird alternate reality, or a lucid dream maybe. That’s it, I thought. A lucid dream. That’s why it feels so real. OK. I can deal with that. Well, whatever it is, I am  going out there to have a closer look.

Before I can blink, I find myself hurtling forward at an incredible speed. It’s a wormhole, I thought. I’m flying through a wormhole! Logically I knew that was probably impossible. But then, nothing about what was happening to me was logical. So I relaxed into it. Might as well enjoy whatever was happening. Sooner or later I’ll wake up.

I really don’t know how long it lasted. It seemed like forever but it also seemed like a split second. I do remember reading that travelling through wormholes happens really quickly. Like you think it and you’re there sort of thing. Problem is I didn’t know where the ‘there’ was.

During that forever split second I had time to do an awful lot of thinking. Maybe I’m going to another planet out there somewhere in the omniverse. Hope it’s nice. But why is this happening in the first place? I mean, I didn’t ask for a surreal experience or a lucid dream. Not that I can remember anyway. Maybe I should ask who is orchestrating this whole tripping thing.  What if I’m being kidnapped by some evil aliens who are going to do horrid experiments on me or harvest my organs. But if that was happening I should be terrified. Besides, that only happens in scary movies. So no, that can’t be right. And I sure don’t feel scared.

In fact, I feel kinda warm and fuzzy. Serene even.  Hey, maybe I’m astral travelling . I’ve always wanted to do that. I was meditating not that long ago…

And right then, at that very exact moment in thought, I was spun through this portal looking thing into the most pristine, beautiful paradise.  Wow. The air was crisp and clean. Crystal clear, the water was pure and I could see all the way to the bottom of the lake. Everything about this place screamed awesomeness.

This, I thought, is a place I want to live in.

Then …….

©   Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
“A step taken to a new idea is a step taken to a new world!” 
Mehmet Murat ildan

Written in response to Lady Calen’s Sandbox Exercise 15 


17 thoughts on “Into the Future

  1. Beautiful Raili, your dream is certainly the real thing, the reality of life is always fake, as my mum used to say, follow your dreams…..

  2. Very cool post! LOVE the portal picture! His nibs and I were talking this morning about a picture he saw yesterday of an airplane breaking the sound barrier and how there was this shining cloud around it’s tail. He said it reminded him of a wormhole. I DO believe they exist. Do you?

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