Arboreal Plenitude

I know, I know! I’ve done trees for two days already.

But there’s so much more to them.


Beneath the shelter of the  shady branches

or immersed within its Soul

I am kept safe and dry, sheltered from the elements

Autumnal leaves falling like multi coloured raindrops

scatter on the ground returning to earth

in the eternal cycle of life

Sweet and succulent fruits fill their branches

juice dripping oranges, crunchy apples,

heavenly mangoes, silky smooth avocados

nuts and berries – so much bounty

Home hearth crackling flames of fire

mesmerise the senses, warming souls

Life blood given o’er for healing folk

with resins, oils and smoke

Milled, the timber turned

to  different kinds of shelter

functional and beautiful in many forms



© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Be like a tree.
Stay grounded,
connect with your roots,
turn over a new leaf,
bend before you break,
enjoy your unique beauty
and keep growing. 
Joanne Raptis





20 thoughts on “Arboreal Plenitude

  1. What a magnificent Tree.. And a brilliant poem Raili.. Just perfect.. A Tree gives us so very much of itself so we may survive.. Oxygen, Fuel, Warm, Shelter and Food as well as Medicines.. We should all of us honour our Trees..
    Beautiful post my friend ❤

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