Simplify – What?




Trendy words shouted out loud

    everywhere you turn

                                                                                                                                         advice is offered

shows are proffered

tears are shed

Our lives are too FULL

we are to

make some changes

for our health


Nerves are frazzling

Minds are melting

Souls are wilting

Bods are bloating


It is best – to SIMPLIFY

say the experts.

But what?

YouTube’s 613,000

videos are crammed with advice

on how to –

  • simplify your life
  • live minimally
  • 5… 10… 15… 20… 25 hacks to
  • simplify your home…
  • life…
  • wardrobe…
  • mind…
  • kitchen…
  • jewellery…
  • make-up
  • simplify digitally…
  • as a mum …
  • downsize …
  • declutter ….
  • challenge ….


Maybe I can do this on my own

 I’ll just have a drink – or three

while I decide what to do …

© Raili Tanska

Written in response to Lady Calen’s Sandbox Challenge 13

Steps for Peace

Breathe Deeply
Breathe Peace
Breathe Harmony
Breathe Stillness

27 thoughts on “Simplify – What?

  1. I keep hoping I will leave this world still living in my home and the decluttering will be my sons problems. After all, I cleaned up after them for years!

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