Knots – a conversation


I had a conversation the other day with this beautiful blue knot I spied in my meanderings.

Me: My goodness, aren’t you pretty!

Knot: Who? me?

Me: Why yes, you of course. That is such a gorgeous blue.

Knot:  You know what they say about blue – it’s depressing! I’ve got the blues. I’m in a blue funk.

Me: What on earth do you have to be blue about? Here you are, doing an important job in the boat yard. That’s a strong knot. And your blue is anything but a depressing blue.

Knot: But you have no idea what life is like being a knot. You get twisted and turned. You’re expected to heave to and hold a heavy load steady. And God forbid if you fray!  That is the death knell right there.

Me: Oh. I see what you mean. I guess I never stopped to think about all those things.  I mean there’s so many interesting kinds of knots. Knots for this and knots for that. And knots just to look at  ‘cos they’re pretty.

Knot: Tell me about it! Why, oh why can’t I just be one of those knots that hang around being decorative.

Me: But you have a purpose. And such an important job. Just think what would happen if you slipped your knot!

Knot: Exactly! All that responsibility.  It weighs me down. *sigh*

Me: Did you know that there is a lot of stuff out there on the internet about all the different kinds of knots?You rub shoulders with a lot of important knots. There’s the Hitch Family, the Slip Knot Family, The Monkey Fists, the Thief’s Knots and Grief Knots just to name a few. We have a boat in our family so I know a fair bit about knots.

Knot: Really?! You’re not pulling my rope on that are you? You’re not just saying that to make me feel better?

Me: Why on earth would I lie to you about such an important and prestigious job? Knots aren’t just used on ships and boats you know. They are used to tie shoe laces. Every person in the whole wide world has to learn how to tie knots of one kind or another. There’s a whole lot of fancy crafts that are all about knots – like delicate lace work and macrame. They even make jewellery just with knots.

Knot: Wow! That makes me feel  better. I belong to a whole big family of different kinds of knots!

Me: Yeah – just like I belong to a whole big family of different kinds of people.

Knot:  Thanks, I don’t feel blue anymore.

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace 
“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” 
― Mother Teresa





9 thoughts on “Knots – a conversation

  1. I was telling my friend Amy about these little conversations of yours. She was fascinated and is going to try to do a couple for Camp NaNoWriMo. 😀

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