We trudged single file through the dark forest, trudging deeper and deeper, until I lost all sense of direction. The band of travellers I was with had invited me to join them. They told me it was a special place they were going to. One that only they knew about. A place of mystery … More Sacrifice

Songlines of the Australian Aborigals

“…the labyrinth of invisible pathways which meander all over Australia and are known to Europeans as ‘Dreaming-tracks’ or ‘Songlines’; to the Aboriginals as the ‘Footprints of the Ancestors’ or the ‘Way of the Lore’.  This is Bruce Chatwin’s description of songlines.  It is a delightful blend of travel log, fiction and non-fiction. When a song … More Songlines of the Australian Aborigals

I Made Fish Soup

Our weather is very topsy turvy here. Saturday was in the mid 30’s. Sunday was low 20’s. Soup weather, I thought. On one of our trips to visit my sister, she had made a traditional Finnish fish soup (lohikeitto). I remember tasting it with some trepidation at the time. She assured me her soup was … More I Made Fish Soup

Dare To Be You

Right from the very beginning, Sunshine knew he was going to be different. How did she know that? She knew that in the way only a mother knows. Deep in her heart. Her yet to be hatched little one was safely nested inside the strangest looking egg she had ever laid. It was a speckled … More Dare To Be You

I’m a Translator

Being bilingual can be fun. It opens the world up to the nuances and subtleties of culture and languaging that is so hard to translate into another language. How do you translate a joke that is laden with dialect and localisms? Truth is, you can’t. It loses all context and falls flat. TRH (The Retired … More I’m a Translator