A New Human Organ

Did you know that scientists have just published an article about a newly discovered human organ The ‘largest organ in the human body’  is called the interstitium.   It  has been ‘hiding in plain sight’ up till now. So exactly what is it?

Layers long thought to be dense, connective tissue are actually a series of fluid-filled compartments researchers have termed the “interstitium”. 

The interstitium lies beneath the skin – all over our body. It lines the gut, lungs, blood vessels, muscles, joining into a meshed network of strong and flexible proteins. Functioning as a compartmentalised shock absorber for example around major organs, it drains into the lymphatic system. It is closely connected to the body’s immune functioning. There is some thought that it may also be a way for cancer cells to be transported around the body. It contains about TEN LITRES of fluid.

One of the exciting things this discovery  means is that it may be possible to use the interstitial fluid as a tool for diagnosing medical conditions. How amazing is that!

You can read the findings for yourself in  Scientific Reports

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21 thoughts on “A New Human Organ

  1. How amazing is that, we seem to be progressing faster and faster now in our medical strides.. Lets hope it proves beneficial for future work in diagnosis of illness.
    Many thanks also Raili for your recent visit.. I am venturing out into the internet once again..
    I hope you both have a wonderful Easter weekend..
    Lots of love and take care..
    Sue ❤ xx

  2. How in the heck did physicians and scientists miss this all these years? And how much of the fluid retention in our body is stored there where diuretics may have no affect on it? Big question…

    1. They are big questions! Apparently the tests and preservatives or setting agents or whatever they use in slides up to now have not been sophisticated enough, as I understand it, They have shown it as being solid

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