Sunday Serenity – Peace and Unity



Soul Gifting for March 2018 goes to  Elizabeth  Sheel

She has a fascinating tale to tell about her life in South Africa where she owned and worked in a healing centre called the Place of Angels. A lover of writing, Elizabeth shares stories, teachings and discoveries   in transitioning from a non-spiritual person to enlightenment and the knowledge that we are all multidimensional beings in a multidimensional universe. In her words “Mystical writing and stories poured out of my pen, unasked. Eventually, my hundreds and thousands of words were transferred to a computer. They are dense with spiritual knowledge.” Do visit her site.

On Elizabeth’s extension blog Gentle Ignition  she shares posts that she has found inspirational .

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace 

Focus your Heart


your Mind

on Peace




6 thoughts on “Sunday Serenity – Peace and Unity

  1. I am following Elizabeth now. I’m a bit leery of the adulation given Bruno Groning, or any ordinary man,for that matter, There are sure to be a lot of other takeaways, though.

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