Seeing is Fascinating

Eyes that see

the world

and all that it contains

The good, the bad, the downright ugly…

Just what is it that fascinates me?

As I cast my mind to


wonder and indeed wander

all manner of wondrous things



book, poetry

libraries full of them to hold and read

or if the itch can’t resist

absorb kindle pages, e-books

Lose myself in

Dr Google


so much food for heart and soul


now we’re talking

Recipes to test and try


to tease the taste buds

serenity to fuel the inner me


there is more

oh so MUCH more


Puppy dogs and kittens


Lightning flashes



in all their quirky forms and hues



© Raili Tanska

Written in response to Lady Calen’s Sandbox Challenge Exercise 10

Steps for Peace
Nurture your Mind, Body and Soul


17 thoughts on “Seeing is Fascinating

      1. I like Britain’s Got Talent more than I did America’s Got Talent. But I can’t stand David Hasselhoff (or however you spell his name). I remember him from WAY back when the TV soap The Young and the Restless came on. He played Snapper Foster…

      2. I was never that taken with him either. Until I saw a special which featured a more authentic and genuine man behind the mask. I changed my mind. Can’t remember what it was called other than it was a show in which he was retracing his family history and trying to find relatives.

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