Sound – Bubbles and Waves

Sounds. Are they waves or bubbles ? If like me, you have always thought of sound as travelling in waves, it’s time to revisit that notion.

New research and understanding about how sound works and travels is fascinating.

In this article  The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Sound  written by John Stuart Reid the author states that  ‘The concept of sound as a wave is simply a label used to describe the fact that sound bubbles pulsate in and out rhythmically. It is this pulsation of the bubble’s outer surface that is typically illustrated as a wave-like graph.

Put differently, when teachers and scientists describe sound as a wave they are referring to its rhythmic pulsation depicted graphically, not its actual shape in space. The result of this confusion is that most people incorrectly visualize sounds wiggling their way through the air rather than visualizing beautiful, shimmering sound bubbles.”

He goes on to explain  how the voice actually transforms into infrared light.

“The implications for knowing that your voice creates infrared light are profound because every cell in your body “sings” in the infrared spectrum of light.

The electromagnetic component of cell-to-cell communication also occurs mainly within this spectrum…… Therefore, when we sing we are actually singing the language of cells, and not only our own cells but those of everyone who are in our close proximity.”

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This puts a whole new slant on music,  singing and chanting.

Jonathan Goldman is another person who has spent a lifetime learning and researching sound and sound healing. In the Temple of Sacred Sound you can enter into various toning chambers to join in and experience chanting or learn about the uses and  origins of various   healing sounds.

His book Healing Sounds, is a fascinating read about scientific and spiritual views on the power of sound as a tool for healing and transforming Mind, Body and Soul. In it he identifies five different levels of harmonics and listening :

Level one is about opening up to the sounds that are within our audible range of hearing (anywhere between 16hz to 16,000 hz). An example of this is a psycho-acoustic phenomenon called ‘the Cocktail Party effect’. Imagine being in a crowded, noisy party with everyone talking about the same sound level  yet you can communicate with just one person.

Level two occurs when you become aware of a sound not heard before – like water dripping in a sink. It is tuning into sounds within sounds –  becoming aware of the differentness of the harmonics and overtones.

Level three involves the addition of imagination to music, thus being transported to places deep within.

Level four builds onto the experience of level three. It is in this space that it is possible to ‘become the sound’ thus using it as a vehicle for an advanced level of meditation.

Five, the final stage is silence. “As we began in silence, so we end in silence. For all sound comes from silence and returns back to silence. It is said that the creation of the universe occurred through sound. ..”

Time for some chanting!

©  Raili Tanska

PS :  Sound – Music is so much more than notes  is a continuation of this topic

Steps for Peace

The OM initiates peace and tranquility when it is listened to,

and particularly when it is chanted.

32 thoughts on “Sound – Bubbles and Waves

  1. I agree, sound is so important. When I hear an engine or power tools running perfectly, it brings great happiness. Sound of machinery, wonderful thing.

  2. When my son was coming out of a very long coma, we very recognized his awakening due to his interaction with music. Yes, sound is a very powerful thing and has abilities that should be explored for healing.

    1. You’re right, Bernadette. Music can have a powerful healing energy, and research is beginning to validate that. It will be exciting to see where it leads!

  3. I have saved several of you links here Raili and I know sound healing works.. I was given a Gong Bath Healing session by a friend. half way through the healing session I felt a physical shift, as if something left my body. and I chant Ommmmm often.. 🙂
    Great information share my friend. Thank you I will look forward to reading the links later. 🙂

      1. Tremendous Raili. our friend had several Huge specially made gongs from Germany.. He went out to Australia about 6 or7 yrs ago now and had the gongs shipped out there. 🙂 He is visiting us this Summer when he comes to see his family. Sound truly moves blockages. And it definitely moved what was ailing me. 🙂

      2. The healing did not take place with water. The Gong ‘Bath’ term is used because you are bathed in the vibration. These were Gongs that were between two to three feet in diameter, the vibration from them swept through you like a wave, and I think that is where the term Gong Bath came from. But you are right if you were in water the sensation would have been amplified Raili ten fold.. Now that would have been an experience. ❤

  4. Very interesting, Raili. I knew sound and light were connected, but this makes it a little clearer for me.
    The Level One interests me as well. If I’m in a room where everyone is talking, and there is no music, I can not understand what anyone is saying, even if they are stood close to me… the voices just merge as one. If, however, there was a little music, I can hear who I’m talking to without a problem… well, until the music then becomes too loud, and I’m back to the beginning again!!! 😀

  5. I have difficulty visualizing what a sound bubble would ‘look’ like. Do you have any advice?

  6. Fascinating thoughts on this quiet Wednesday morning, as I am hearing the sounds of the ancient gas furnace, in my apartment, doing its work, with only the occasional car passing outside. Then, too, there are the sounds in my head, were I to tune out the external. I love the concept of sonic healing.

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