Chook, the Master Mimic Lyrebird

 Meet CHOOK, The Master Mimic Lyrebird

He lived in the Adelaide Zoo to the ripe old age of 32. Hand reared, and used to humans, he became a YouTube star when he was filmed imitating the sounds of construction work. It’s thought he picked that up in 2009 when the zoo’s panda enclosure was being built.

There was lot of drilling, hammering, sawing all within his range.  Chook was also a master at mimicking other birds – magpies, kookaburras, lorikeets.

Here Sir David Attenborough tells us a bit more about these amazing birds –

Lyrebirds, named after the ancient musical instrument,  are known to imitate sounds of the world that surrounds them as part of their elaborate courting ritual all designed to catch the eye of an interested gal. It includes a stunning display of shimmery fanned feathers as he struts his stuff, prancing and jumping about on a stage of leaf litter. They have been heard to mimic barking dogs, car alarms, even mobile phones.

These birds are found in the south-eastern mainland of Australia and southern Tasmania.

©  Raili Tanska

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13 thoughts on “Chook, the Master Mimic Lyrebird

    1. Not just that! The mosst amazing mimic. Other birds do too, but none as well as this one. My brother-in-law had a lost parrot of some kind turn up in his yard a few years back. They didn’t know whose it was and as it was tame they thought to keep it. UNTIL they got sick of hearing the mobile phone ring only to find it was the bird!! Not sure what they ended up doing with it. The Adelaide Zoo also had a magpie that sang opera 🙂

  1. I vividly remember that episode on TV with the lyre birds. The bird that imitated the chain saw was at once amazing and terribly sad.

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