Sunday Serenity – Breathe healing and compassion

An explanation and short experience of Tonglen Meditation

Here is a longer version

SOUL GIFTING February 2018

This blog has reached – and now exceeded – 2000 followers. Never in a million years did I expect this to happen. I am honoured, humbled, amazed to have reached this milestone. Thank you to each and everyone of you!!

To celebrate, the Soul Giftee for February 2018 is the 2000th member of my blogging family – Jennifer Dionne.  A busy lady, she is mum to three kids, four cats, two dogs – oh, and one husband.  In her busy life she finds time for an assortment of other activities  such as camping, running, hiking – any physical challenge in fact. And wait – there is more! Jennifer is also a passionate supporter of her local community. Do go and pay her a visit.


Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace



12 thoughts on “Sunday Serenity – Breathe healing and compassion

    1. Oh, how wonderful! They are such serene and beautiful places. Our youngest son has just returned from a 3 week holiday to Japan.I think he felt in overload with the number of shrines and temples he visited, but he had lots of photos to show us. And he bought us back each a gift that had been blessed by the monks from the Kyoto shrine.

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