A Week of Tears, Love and Laughter


The week started with the funeral of my brother-in-law.

Sat on top of his coffin was a baseball cap and a torch,

two items he was seldom without.



There was much of this scattered throughout the whole week.

We were delighted to catch up with an old family friend we had not seen for over twenty years.

On holidays from Finland, she spent the week with us all. She’s one mean knitting machine.

When we came back from lunch one day, TRH (The Retired Husband) went to her usual posse.

There, on the rocking chair was his yet to be completed socks.

Holding them in his hands he said – Tummu! Kuttoon! (= Grandma! Knit!)

 Obediently she ran over and started knitting.

Yeah! We scored a pair each.

It takes her one day to make a pair. It used to be two but she’s slowed down!

We were served lunch by this handsome dude at The Cells Cafe   in Bairnsdale.

Mitchell is very proud of his achievements and enjoys his work.

And we are very proud of Mitchell.

Lunch was good. And the coffee art work by Tara was exceptional.

Located in an old Police Station, the business provides training and support

in a controlled environment  for people with disabilities.

“This is the first development of its kind in Gippsland, and it’s significant

because it can change the way employment of people with disabilities is perceived.”


LAKES ENTRANCE is not new to us.

We have been there before, cruising the lakes. It is beautiful.

This time we ended up there two days in a row. The second was accidental.

The plan had been to drive a short way up into the surrounding hills

to visit a microbrewery for lunch.

Being a Monday, they were closed.

Next we tried Grandma’s Kitchen. It was closed.

Then we moved on to the local pub.

The sign outside said ‘We will be closed from 22nd Feb to 29th Feb due to exhaustion.’


We decided to try somewhere else.

The newly renovated pub in Nicholson looked inviting.

But – it did not serve lunch on Mondays!!!

Apparently catering  to hungry tourists on a Monday is not a high priority.

So we headed back to Lakes Entrance and had lunch on the floating Ferryman’s Cafe.

It was delicious albeit two hours later than originally planned.

Because we had so enjoyed the delicious, organic, home-made icecream from

The Riviera Ice Cream Company the day before, we just had to go back for more.

I  can highly recommend Black Chocolate. And Macadamia. And Blood Orange. And…

They claim to make the healthiest ice cream in the world from milk

generously supplied by the  ‘Jersey Girls’ as they are known on the farm.

All have names and some have been hand-reared.



more specifically, my nephew and his wife who live on the island, provided us with lodgings.

Mornings and evenings were filled with the sounds of serenading native parrots.

Kookaburras laughed – and laughed – laughed.

Echidnas meandered along the roadsides and in gardens.

Nights rumbled with the eerie echoes of mating koalas.

Little Pepper proved to be a good Tess substitute.

Except she was a lightweight petite Pepper.

Unlike Tess who sleeps on the floor next to her rounded belly.

Not  used to being hand fed, she however took to it like a duck to water.

 On our second to last night we were nibbling on a cheese platter.

TRH wanted to put some meat on Pepper’s bones.

I was concerned we only had one night left to do the job.

We discussed the matter at some length.

Our hosts were outside apparently listening at the window.

Caught like kids with their hands in a cookie jar!

I have to add here that Pepper has an impeccable palate.

 She was particularly fond of blue vein cheese and fresh plums which I shared with her.

We also found some of Les’s thingamies to bring home as mementoes.

As out lasting tribute to Les we potted this Guardian Angel rose for my sister to enjoy.

Guardian Angel Rose

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Hugs and ‘I love you’s’ are important

13 thoughts on “A Week of Tears, Love and Laughter

  1. Oh geez! That coffee looks amazing! How do they do that??? “The sign outside said ‘We will be closed from 22nd Feb to 29th Feb due to exhaustion.” LOVE it!!! Well that was quite the eventful trip you guys had. Too bad it was under such sad circumstances…

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