The Mysterious Matter of the Missing Mobile

It was six am. The morning of departure. We had a looong day’s drive ahead of us.  1100 kilometres, some of it through Melbourne’s evening rush hour traffic. The plan was to leave early. We had a funeral to go to.

Alas, like all good plans, this one was foiled from the start.

TRH (The Retired Husband) had not slept well. At 6am he was in the deepest of deep sleeps.

I did not have the heart to wake him as planned. Another half hour I thought. After all, he was going to be doing all the driving. I never do on road trips. I sleep. Quietly, I got everything ready before waking him.

He beat me to it. Some internal alarm had sounded that time was marching on.

Mobile phone in hand, searching for the best route, he sat on the Man Throne. That is the last I saw of it. The phone that is.

Having loaded the luggage into the car and deposited the  last of the rubbish in the bin, it was time to go.

Except – where was the mobile?

He searched the house. I searched the house. He retraced his last steps. I did the same. Man eyes are just not the same, after all, are they?

We called the mobile on my mobile. Not a peep to be heard. Not even a soft rumbling vibration.

We called again. And again. Nothing.

He had a quick look in the bins – and the car.

No mobile.

Tess was confused. Were we going or not? She had seen all the tell tales signs days ago and was busy being miserable.   Even deposited herself on the driveway in front of the car in the hopes we would not go. At least not without her. And now, after taking her back inside, I had already given her the ‘we are going now’ nibble. And she had eaten it. But we kept going in and out of the house!

We could not waste any more time looking for a mobile phone that clearly did  not want to come on a road trip with us.

TRH had eight days of mobile free travelling. This is not so bad, he thought.

On arriving back home, the hunt was back on for the elusive mobile.

He searched high and low. He emptied bins and combed through them like a detective looking for clues. He looked under beds and behind cupboards with torch in hand.

No mobile.

So – where is it? All we can do is assume it went out with the rubbish. Our household bin was emptied in our absence.

TRH has had to admit defeat and order a new one.

Anyone found a lost mobile? You can keep it. Just send TRH the SIM card.

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Know when it is time to admit defeat

32 thoughts on “The Mysterious Matter of the Missing Mobile

  1. Hope you get the sim back! Someone stole my grand daughter’s brand new iphone. We got it back after taking all the steps to ensure it couldn’t be used. Minus the sim of course! and the protective case, and and and. We were relieved to get it back and got a new sim and protective cover. Which was better than paying another 900.00 for another phone. Which is a RIDICULOUS price.

    1. Looked there – with a torch in hand! Not an iphone. In fact, it was an ancient Samsung. Truth be told it was on its last legs so maybe it decided to call it quits !!!

    1. It’s a scientifically proven fact 🙂 Men cannot ‘see’ anything other than what is directly in their line of vision. Us girls can. That’s why we rock !!

  2. It’s interesting that you should mention that thing about man eyes – I first became aware of the difference when I’d just given birth to my first baby. I was going home, and my husband was supposed to bring in the carry cot I’d left in our bedroom, which had a lovely baby outfit in it, for my little Sarah to wear. Instead, he showed up with the tatty old carry-cot that someone had given me. I’d hidden it in the attic, along with some awful hand-me-down baby clothes.
    I was… disappointed. A few weeks later he somehow made the mistake of thinking that a special dress I’d made for her – featuring hand-embroidered smocking – was the right thing to use to clean something under the bonnet of his car. As for the accident with my beautiful handbag… let’s not go there 🙂

    1. So weird! I would not have been surprised if the mbl had reappeared like that too. But it hasn’t 🙂 Markku got his new mbl yesterday, and a new Sim. The weird thing was that all his calls came back and he could hear us talking when we were looking for it! So where the hell was it hiding?

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