Meeting HH

HH turned up one day. Unannounced. He made himself at home. Just like that. No discussion was entered into. Since then, Henry Huntsman has become a permanent fixture in my office.  I don’t know what he calls himself. He didn’t tell me. To be honest, I haven’t asked. Perhaps it’s a conversation I need to have with him later on. If he hangs around long enough. He turned up three weeks ago.

A quiet presence in the corners of my room, he moves from wall to wall. I never quite know where he will be perched. However, it is guaranteed it will be right at the top by the picture rail. Perhaps that’s where the best hunting grounds are.  For Henry is a Huntsman after all. I suspect he is still a younglin given his size.

Unassuming, Henry makes no demands. He really is the perfect guest in that respect. More than that, Henry keeps himself content and fed with no input from me. What more could I ask!

Allow me to introduce Henry in a little more detail so you get a clearer picture of this unassuming guest of mine. Or perhaps Permanent Resident.  He is approximately 6cm in width. Henry belongs to the family of Sparassidae. Interestingly, he has EIGHT eyes. How cool is that.  Eight is an important number for him as he also has eight legs. They are twisted in such a way that he almost looks crab-like.  Interestingly eight is an auspicious number – it represents complete and unending abundance without any lack.

Spectacular colouring is not his forte.  Browns and greys cover most of his smoothly furry body except for some reddish patches around the mouth. You might have guessed by now that Henry is an arachnid. That’s right – A SPIDER. It’s probably just as well that my youngest no longer lives at home as he would squeal like a girl. He is not a girl. A victim of arachnophobia,  he would then run in panic stricken terror. And I would probably have to apologise to Henry. A piece of paper and a glass would be used to capture him and release him back to the wild while the terrorised victim runs ahead to open doors.

I feel privileged that Henry has chosen my office as his home.  We co-exist in peaceful harmony, each minding our own business. Right now for example, Henry is perched in the corner above the picture rail to my left. This bothers me not one iota. It must be where the juiciest morsels are today. Or perhaps he is sleeping for he is a nocturnal creature.

But there may be more to Henry than meets the eye. Spiders are mystical creatures, revered in many ancient cultures. Weaver of miraculously beautiful and strong webs, spiders symbolise creativity. The silk woven by spiders is astonishing in its complexity and strength. Mindbogglingly so.  Spiders are also amazingly patient.  They’re very, very good at being still. Many a tale and fable has been written about the spider, all the way back to Aesop in ancient Greece.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Henry is here to teach me something. Like maybe patience, creativity, tolerance, wide angle visioning.

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

Be still

40 thoughts on “Meeting HH

  1. Although I don’t care for spiders (and I hope you won’t be cross with me for saying that lol) I still appreciated your piece. Though I hope to never encounter a spider that size in my life, anyone like me who is terrified of them could find comfort in the info you provided. It’s good to know that I don’t realistically need to be in fear of my life, as it won’t come running to kill me.

    1. Hi Lynn and Raili,

      Happy February to both of you!

      Indeed, I agree with Raili’s comment that there is room for all creatures, even the creepy crawlies!

      In any case, not all spiders are scary or ugly. There are those that look like peacocks and behave like birds of paradise! You can see them in the seven videos that I include in my comment when I replied to one of my followers of one of my websites, in the following post:

      Please enjoy!

  2. Wonderful to meet you, Henry. You are quite a handsome fellow. I am so glad you are welcomed into a peaceful, harmonious office. There is a message to the world in this.

  3. We have a bathroom spider that was named sparkles but he got set free. Now we have a new one that is just named Bathroom Spider.

  4. No No No. Spiders are extrusions from another dimension. They are malevolent. He is just biding his time. In the middle of the night he will wrap you in a silk cocoon and attempt to get you back to his dimension. Unlike all other creatures spiders have evil intent. you can see that by the way they move in unpredictable manner at great speeds. They have great fangs dripping with poison.
    This is not just because I’m an arachnophobe you understand? This is how it really is.

  5. I think it’s lovely that you have welcomed HH into your home. I believe in a way we can’t understand, he is meant to be in your life. He serves some higher purpose, or maybe he’s a relative or friend you lost long ago who has come back to visit in spider form. When I see a spider in my house, I let it wander around and just hope it doesn’t make its way into my bed when I’m sleeping. That would flip me out. Otherwise, they can hang out with me any time and I admire their remarkable webs. They’re artists.

  6. Spiders are fascinating to watch, Raili, although we only seem to have Wolf Spiders here (in the larger variety…) which make you jump a mile out of your skin when they suddenly appear – and they always do! Left to their own devices, they are fine.

  7. Spiders are awesome creatures! I leave them to their business most times, or relocate them outdoors. If they are around for awhile, I give them names, too! I even talk to them, and take their close up glamour photo. Did you know spider’s eyes glow in the dark? Pretty neat thing to see. 🙂

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