Saturday Smile – it’s all about the maths

This comes  from 2 math teachers with a combined total of 70 yrs. experience. It has an indisputable  mathematical logic. It also made me Laugh Out Loud. This is a strictly …..  mathematical  viewpoint… and it goes like this: What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say … More Saturday Smile – it’s all about the maths

Shine On…Epitaphs

It’s not a thing that most people like to think about if they can help it. Death, that is. I’ve had reason to do just that a few times of late. The other day I had an interesting conversation with Cathi, a blogging friend. About epitaphs. You know, those words that people have engraved on their … More Shine On…Epitaphs

Saying Goodbye

Goodbyes are never easy. Especially when it is the final one. We returned home last night from an eight day trip to Victoria. It was a final goodbye to a gentle man. A man we have known for most of our lives. The week was filled with tears, love and laughter. As we laid him … More Saying Goodbye

Taking Time Out

  I’ll be ‘off the air’ for a week or two. First ever voluntary time out since I started blogging way back in August 2015! We will be spending time with family in Victoria as we farewell my brother-in-law. Raili   Jamie Dupuis