I had a talk with a plane

I’ve taken a leaf out of the blog from Cathi at overthehillontheyellowbrickroad.  Cathi has conversations with inanimate objects about growing older with silliness, high spirits and a lot of heart.

Today, I sit and wonder how a certain someone is going on his first ever overseas holiday in Japan. He left yesterday with a couple of friends. As my mind meandered, I bumped into the jet that flew them over there. Here’s the conversation.

Me: Hi there.

Jet: Well hello. And who might you be?

Me: I’m a Mum of one of the young adults  you flew to Japan yesterday.

Jet: Oh really?! I was pretty full of them. Young adults I mean. Which particular one might that be?

Me: There were three of them – 2 boys and a girl. Young kids really. In their early twenties.

Jet: Hmmm. I think I might know the ones you mean. One of the boys was really grumpy. I seem to remember he slept most of the way.

Me: That’s him! He told me he would do that. He’s terrified of flying. And he was super tired.

Jet: Are you worried about him?

Me: Weeeell – yeah, I guess I am. I just wondered how his trip went. Being scared and all. I don’t mean to question or insult your skills. I’m sure you’re a real pro at what you do.

Jet: That’s OK. I’m not upset. Lots of people are scared of flying. What they forget is that it’s safer up in the air than on the ground in cars!

Me: Yeah, I know.But….

Jet: You know you can’t wrap your kids in cottonwool, don’t you. Not that it’s any of my business, but you gotta let go and let them out into the world to fend for themselves. Even baby birds get booted out of their nests and learn to fly ‘on the run’

Me: I know, I know. That always seems so brutal to me! I guess I’m just a worry wort.

Jet: I reckon you must love him a lot. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t give a toss about how he’s getting on.

Me: You’re right, I do. And you’re right, he’s gotta make his own way in the world.

Jet: It must be hard being a Mum sometimes. Hoping that your kids are OK, safe, managing….

Me: Hardest job in the world!

Jet: Well, in my book you must be a good Mum to be asking about him. He’s OK. Seems like a nice kid.

Me: Thanks. I feel better now. Oh – and thank you for the good job you do flying around up there taking people here there and everywhere. It must be a thankless job.

Jet: It’s not everyday I get a Mum wanting to chat with me, that’s for sure!

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace


11 thoughts on “I had a talk with a plane

  1. HI! I’m so glad my blog inspired such a meaningful conversation between you and the Jet. I find talking to inanimate objects brings me peace and perspective. I hate flying too, so I definitely relate to your son. Be proud he was brave enough to get on that long flight even though he knew he’d hate it.

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