We went to see Ferdinand


Yep – Ferdinand.

He’s a BIG bull.

With a BIG heart.

And BIG baby blue eyes.

And he even tippytoes his way through a china shop.

  What’s more, he’s a pacifist. He would rather smell flowers than fight.

You guessed it! It’s goodies versus baddies. As it should be.

And the goodies win – of course.

We two pensioners sat in a movie theatre  mums, dads, kids and grandparents.

No kids with us. No distractions. No popcorn. No coke.

Just a small bag of peppermints I took from home


As you may have guessed, I love animated movies.

There’s just as much enjoyment in them for adults as kids.

This one has all the hallmarks of a good movie –

action, drama, heartache, love, funny stuff.

And a happy ending.

Did you know it took 18 months to make this movie?

And three weeks of that was just on Ferdinand’s fur alone.

That’s ‘cos he’s a BIG bull.

Sooo lov-a-bull 😀

Steps for Peace

I LOVE, love!

Lupe the Calming Goat in Ferdinand

(you gotta see it to *get* it. It’s right at the end…)

20 thoughts on “We went to see Ferdinand

  1. Oh Ferdinand! The lovely bull who was always sitting under the tree, smelling flowers! One of my favourite childhood cartoons.

  2. I love animated movies! I sometimes think I need to borrow a kid so I don’t look like the weird adult, sitting alone at a kid’s movie, lol.

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