We went to see Ferdinand


Yep – Ferdinand.

He’s a BIG bull.

With a BIG heart.

And BIG baby blue eyes.

And he even tippytoes his way through a china shop.

  What’s more, he’s a pacifist. He would rather smell flowers than fight.

You guessed it! It’s goodies versus baddies. As it should be.

And the goodies win – of course.

We two pensioners sat in a movie theatre  mums, dads, kids and grandparents.

No kids with us. No distractions. No popcorn. No coke.

Just a small bag of peppermints I took from home


As you may have guessed, I love animated movies.

There’s just as much enjoyment in them for adults as kids.

This one has all the hallmarks of a good movie –

action, drama, heartache, love, funny stuff.

And a happy ending.

Did you know it took 18 months to make this movie?

And three weeks of that was just on Ferdinand’s fur alone.

That’s ‘cos he’s a BIG bull.

Sooo lov-a-bull 😀

Steps for Peace

I LOVE, love!

Lupe the Calming Goat in Ferdinand

(you gotta see it to *get* it. It’s right at the end…)

20 thoughts on “We went to see Ferdinand

  1. I love animated movies! I sometimes think I need to borrow a kid so I don’t look like the weird adult, sitting alone at a kid’s movie, lol.

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