Internet problems …. Still

What the? It says we have internet. It says there is no network connection or wifi. Hot spot doesn’t hot spot… Still not fixed!!! On mobile… This sucks!



37 thoughts on “Internet problems …. Still

    1. I wish you could! How are you with fixing the machinations of the Australian government, which is responsible for upgrading the NBN. And has created one hell of a mess for the whole country !!! Therein lies the problem….


  1. I sympathise. I rang my TV cable and internet provider up today as I was having problems, and I had a wonderful surprise as I was not happy and contemplated leaving.. So they reduced my monthly bill, for 12 months, gave me extra channels I will never watch, but they also are sending me a new Wifi unit and upgrading my internet from 70 speed or what ever to 100.. So I will see if that makes a difference when navigating the net.. πŸ™‚
    I hope you soon have more joy with yours Raili. ❀ πŸ˜€

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    1. Unfortunately our internet problems are pervasive throughout Australia. It’s REALLY bad here. We too got a much better deal when changing providers, but that’s not where the problems lies. The whole country is having issues. We rate amongst the 15 worst in the world. As long as we can get a more reliable connection than now, we’ll be happ -ier

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  2. It is amazing how wifi rules our lives, right? Oh my gosh! I might have to try going without internet o e day a week to prepare for an emergency when it really goes out. On second thoight, why put muself through such stress. Hope yours is fixed soon.

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      1. I know, pretty scary right? I freak when my laptop disconnects from wifi and all I have to do is reconnect. It does it at the most in-opportune times, like in the middle of online shopping. Maybe that’s a sign, stop online shopping lol!

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      1. Well, the technician came. The technician left. The problems lie with the underground cabling – still !! I am beginning to contemplate a move to Kazakhstan where their internet is BETTER than ours 😦


      2. Since the Federal Government brought in National Broadband Network and started laying it, communication systems here have gone down the gurgler. They are doing it on the cheap with copper cabling instead of fibre in most areas. We rate the same as Kazakhstan currently – the lowest 15 worldwide! Anyway, we changed providers recently, got a better and cheaper package, It’s had a few teething problems with the change over, but at the moment we’re back on. However, the external to our home lines are ‘shit’ – that’ s the ‘technical’ term the workman used to describe it πŸ™‚


      3. Good grief that’s so wrong but its what happened in CANADA when I lived there too so I can commisserate and to some extent here also. Crappy. They do it without the right fiber here also. I love your technical terms btw πŸ˜‰

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  3. Good luck with the connection Raili, hope it is better soon. Just to cheer you up, have been trying to pay a bill since Saturday , no connection, so I tried again the next day still no internet, then it clicked since our NBN is one a split telephone line too may people are using the line so gets overworked also due to school holidays. Waited till after midnight and hey presto ….connection. So I feel your pain and agree with you that Australia is the pits qua internet connection/wifi since the Govt brought in the NBN on a shoestring. Hang in there eventually it will come back we hope.❀️

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