The decluttering bug

I have been infected. Seriously. The decluttering bug has taken over. In the last week I have gone through decades- and I MEAN literally decades of saved clothing. It has been folornly hanging in the wardrobe waiting to see the light of day…. only to be moved into garbags.

The dejected and rejected ‘rags’ have moved on to greener pastures. Ones that will love and nurture them. And bring them out into the sunshine. Either in original or repurposed form. At long last.

Surprisingly, I can now see what I have. And even more surprisingly, I have (re)discovered long forgotten items, welcoming them with joy and gratitude. What’s more, because there is room in the ‘robe, I can find what I want so much more easily. Who knew decluttering would bring such joy.

Having discovered the wondrous talents of the declutter bug, I moved onto the jewellery stash.  Yes, I had one of those. (I must clarify that it was mainly what I call constume jewellery purchased for wearing at work. I no longer work. Well, not in paid employment answerable to bosses.)

Notice the use of the word ‘had’. Similar to the rag wardrobe, the jewellery wardrobe hid treasures. And so MANY dust bunnies. Oh my Lord were there a lot! I’m ashamed to admit it.

However, once again, I sifted, sorted into piles to be kept and repurposed. They too have joined the ranks of the garbag brigade heading out to discover the wonders of the big wide world. Now my jewellery wardrobe is spic and span. And again, I have rediscovered old friends.

But wait – there is MORE! Not content with this physical decluttering, I moved on to the waiting-to-be-done task of decluttering and sorting this blog of mine.

I bit the bullet and trashed posts/images that were only important  at the time of publishing.  That was – hard.  But I did it. Fingers crossed I don’t live to regret any of it.

Ever mindful of not chewing up space too rapidly on this free site, I deleted enough to free up 1% more space. A staggering 8.2MG! Just for a moment, I wondered if the pain was worth it….

I am satisfied.

© Raili Tanska

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34 thoughts on “The decluttering bug

  1. I did that this summer as I am planning to sell the house-I could not believe what went out of the house! Now 6 months later, I am still so happy! I have a rule that if I buy anything, I must remove something-I NEVER want to get in that shape again. My house was very orderly, but I had 3 blenders!! I eliminated 6 kitchen cabinets! I still have thing I need and things I love-and it is freedom! Who knew? Best wishes to you.

    1. Thanks! I did that with our kitchen when we renovated it. Now spilling over to other parts of the house ……I dread the thought of ever moving, so am pre-empting the pain by reducing now 🙂

    1. lol !!! We got lots of sheets – they lasted for years. And for some reason coffee pots and casserole dishes. Most have broken and gone to whatever heaven they go to 🙂

  2. Is it January and new year that makes us think we should make a fresh start? I also took a pile of stuff to the charity shop, only to be told “those things are worn”. Of course they are! But no, I had to take them home again. Luckily, I found another charity that was very grateful for them so they will now have new homes – I hope!

    1. I find some charities are getting faar too fussy and politically correct. Heck, isn’t it better to have clothes than not, even if they are worn?! I pass mine on to my neighbour who is linked in with many chat groups and homeless shelters. They go straight to the needy – for free. There is also a women’s group she donates to who use some clothing to teach people to fix, adjust, make new stuff.

  3. This is probably a dumb question since I’ve been on here for four years, but where do you go to check on your amount of storage? Also, I got a pingback from you this morning from #42 in 2016. Mistake or did you mean me to use it? And if so, what part?

    1. Huh? I have no idea what #42 in 2016 is !!!! To check data storage, go to Dashboard – click e on Media on the left hand side bar. It will tell you at the top how much you have used and how much you have left. When you add Media the right hand side panel will give you information on the size of the image you are inserting.

      1. OML! I can see every picture I’ve put on there! Hunting for something just became a lot easier. I can never find anything by looking for it in the media library. I’ve only used 23.4%. That’s good. I wonder if when you deleted one of your emails it triggered a pingback from that day…

      2. Very possible …. I also did some Quick Edits, so who knows. I never searched for Images that way! What a good idea. I was adding Descriptions to old images yesterday to make searching for them easier – but that is so tedious. And I’m not so sure how much easier it would be anyway!

  4. You can’t have too much stuff. Every rag is important. You never know when it might come in handy. Waste not want not!
    On the other hand……………..

    1. That has been my mindset since for.ever, Opher! Markku says he has been building me cupboards as long as we’ve been married (that’s a loooong time) and no sooner is it finished, I fill it. True. They were bulging at the seams. Being a crafty sort of gal, I tend to keep what others would probably consider junk. It’s an ‘I can use that for something’ mentality that I have to reign in 🙂

  5. I make myself de clutter every so often. I hold onto things way too long or too much. This spans the physical and emotional as well. I feel so good when I let go of things that no longer serve me. I could still do a de clutter session. It feels good, ehh?

    1. Unfortunately modern medical technology has yet to develop an innoculation for this particular species. You’ll just have to wait for nature to take its course. It took me DECADES 🙂

  6. What a great post! I had been leaving my decluttering for nine years until I came to terms I had to do something about it. So I wordpressed “decluttering. The magic started with a small kitchen drawer I was scared of even opening. Now the flat is done. I have moved to decluttering my life!

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