Bringing in 2018


steps for peace candle

We farewelled the  year 2017 last night.

And welcomed 2018.

A New Year.

New Beginnings.

Take a seat and buckle in.

Let Serenity be the start …

Breathe deeply.


Close your eyes.

Connect your heart to the Source of All Love.

Ground to the Earth.

Expand your awareness.

Welcome in the scents of fresh, New Growth.

Taste its sweetness. Its Life Force.

Welcome in the Sun. Feel its warmth.

Fill your Being with its golden rays.

Welcome the sounds of




Feel its serenity.

Its soothing comfort.

Breathe it into your very Soul.

Breathe it out.

Share it with the World.

Fill every nook and cranny

with it.

Give thanks.

Grace and Blessings

be with us all.

steps for peace candle

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

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