14 thoughts on “Tolkien’s Christmas Letters

  1. They sound fascinating Raili!!!

    Another great present arrived for me yesterday!!!! Thank you so much for your kind gift!! I have the smell of essential oils around me as I write!! You are too kind!!

  2. The tooth fairy used to write letters to my children. It all started when one of my girls tucked a tooth under her pillow and when she checked the next day she realised the tooth fairy hadn’t left her anything. The morning after that, there was money under there, along with an apologetic note. After that, the tooth fairy always included a chatty note when one of my kids lost a tooth. You probably think that the tooth fairy is a sweet innocent little creature, but those notes got quite gossipy, and we learned a thing or two about what she gets up to in her spare time!
    In the end my children noticed something surprising – the tooth fairy has handwriting very much like mine 🙂

      1. That’s the great thing about my older girls. They scrap the bad memories and hold on to the good ones, as I’m learning to do 🙂
        I’m ridiculously excited about the approach of 2018.

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