Sunday Serenity – Temple of Silence

The Temple of Silence

Prepare yourself for meditation in whatever way is usual  for you. For me it is being in a quiet, uninterrupted space. Candles. Soft music (such as in the link above). And most importantly, grounding and connecting myself to God.

Today, we enter the Temple of Silence.

Imagine yourself entering a rustic, ancient Temple. The stones are crumbling and worn with age. Yet there is an aura of serenity and calm about it that draws you ever closer.  It lies nestled in a place of solitude deep in the forest, surrounded by trees standing tall and proud. Their branches reach for the sky just like your Soul yearns to soar. A fresh, soft breeze rustles your hair as you move closer. Leaves rustle and gently sigh nature’s symphony. You can smell the dampness of the earth beneath your feet. Soft moss caresses your bare feet with each step.

Moving closer to the Temple, you can see where the steps leading to the open doorway have been worn by aeons of time when many feet have trod their path deep into the Inner Sanctum.

Slowly, you enter the Temple. A profound peace descends upon you. It’s as if you have left the world behind the moment you stepped across that threshold into sacredness and silence. Feel the serenity, peace and calm fill your Being.

It is cool  and dark within the Temple. The only light to enter is through the open windows. They have no covering of any kind. Soft rays of muted sunlight create dancing shadows, leading your eye to the front. To your surprise the Temple only has two rustic, worn wooden seats at the very front. In between rests a small, round, equally rustic wooden table. It has been set for one. An ancient chalice carved from cedar is filled with fresh, sparkling water. Next to it lies its twin, a small bowl filled with forest nuts and berries. A candle on the simple altar at the front flutters in the soft breeze.

You approach it with reverence, seating yourself at the table. Closing your eyes, your breathe slowly and deeply, releasing that within which is ready to be let go. Do so with thanks and gratitude. Perhaps forgiveness if that is called for.

Take all the time you need in this space. Just be. Allow your intuition to guide you. You may wish to invite another to join you, after all there is a seat provided for company.

When you are ready you partake of the simple meal that has been left for you.

You will know when it is time to leave. Remember, though, that this is a place you can return to time and time again.

May Peace and Grace fill your life from this day forth.

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

Be still

Find the Peace within


22 thoughts on “Sunday Serenity – Temple of Silence

      1. My pleasure, I only ever say what I mean. Update … I have printed it and it is on my coffee table for breaks in work. I will utter it out loud for many days to come to embed it in my subconscious. 🙏

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