Moomin Valley

This is for Jane of Making it Write – I promised to find Moomin Valley for her. She said, Yes please – then maybe I can knit them some little socks. I worry about their little toes getting cold. I am pleased to report that the Moomins have their very own museum opened this year in … More Moomin Valley

Sunday Serenity

The Temple of Silence Prepare yourself for meditation in whatever way is usual  for you. For me it is being in a quiet, uninterrupted space. Candles. Soft music (such as in the link above). And most importantly, grounding and connecting myself to God. Today, we enter the Temple of Silence. Imagine yourself entering a rustic, … More Sunday Serenity

A great big THANKS

As you may know, I have been having difficulties with lack of internet. Although we have been given some extra data for hotspotting while it gets fixed sometime in the next millennium, I do need to be mindful of how much I am using. With that in mind I am taking this opportunity to say … More A great big THANKS

Saturday Smiles

Today I bring for your reading pleasure – A Recent Day in the Life of My Kitchen. True story. It was a sunny, mild day. Perfect for a bit of leisurely baking. TRH (The Retired Husband) and I had had a full day of Christmas baking only two days before. Something a little less intense … More Saturday Smiles

Echoes of This Week

Hellooo – I’m back ! ♥♥♥ Help!! There is no internet connection. Time for resuscitative measures. Turn it off…. Remove battery…. Turn it on…. Fingers crossed…. Nope!  Dead as a dodo. It  is stuffed Since Saturday a week ago. The whole street is non-communicado. No blogging, no emails, no googling, no reading, no YouTube, no … More Echoes of This Week