Father and Son Road Trip Day 3 – Katherine

Alice Springs to Katherine – 1200 kilometres. It proved to be an uneventful day after yesterday’s hole in the hose drama. These giant round boulders in the photo below are aptly called The Devil’s Marbles. Their Aboriginal name is Karlu Karlu (= round boulders).  Located 393 kilometres north of Tennant Creek, they are of great cultural … More Father and Son Road Trip Day 3 – Katherine

Saturday Smiles

Presenting the odd ball Kransky Sisters from Queensland ♠ A psychiatrist was    conducting a group therapy session with five young mothers &   their small children. You all have obsessions, he stated.    I am concerned that these individual obsessions are going to   impact your children. To the first mother, Mary, he   said: You are obsessed with … More Saturday Smiles

Amazing Voice

Russian born Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh uses his mouth, nose and soul to make nature sounds. I have never heard anything like this! Raili Tanska Steps for Peace Listen to the Earth and what she has to say.

Addictive Food

Sugar is bad for you. We hear it all the time – on the news, in social media, on radio, in the newspapers. Just how bad?  THIS will give you some info. Recently we’ve watched a few episodes of a BBC documentary called Junk Food Kids. It’s heart wrenching to see kids as young as two … More Addictive Food


‘Tis a strange tale, but true. Once upon a time many, many years ago, there lived a young newly wed couple. Being wise beyond their years, they knew ’twas important to invest for the future. The hard young working husband’s job often took him away from his new bride. On one such occasion exciting news … More Dividends