Ba-ba-ba-bananas have appeared on my horizon – again. I recently wrote about their fabulous nutritional benefits.

A few years ago I wrote of my experience with using them as an ingredient in a home-made body scrub.

Now, it seems banana peels provide fabulous nutrition for the garden as well-

And – wait for it – for the skin! I must confess since the ba-na-na post I have been known to rub banana peel onto my face. Rarely do I bin the peel before doing this. Does it work? You bet! Obviously I now need to save the peel and gift it to my garden.

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Let your smile change the world
but don’t let the world change your smile



15 thoughts on “Bananas

  1. We always put our banana peels onto the roots of the roses, and had healthy, beautiful plants. I once had a recipe for a facemark including banana, honey, oatmeal and (I think) yoghourt – but I ate it instead.

    1. I just remembered a hair treatment I used years ago that left it feeling like silk. Slightly whip 1 egg white (you can use the yolk to make a face mask with honey) add a drizzle of honey and a tbsp of sesame seed oil. Massage well into hair and scalp. Cover with disposable shower cap then wrap your head in a warm towel (microwave it 2 mins – perfect). Used 2 towels so you can rotate them as one cools down. Leave on for 30 mins or so then wash as normal.

  2. Thanks for this brilliant post. I’ve bookmarked it. There’s a lot here that I didn’t know. I’ve often read that you shouldn’t put too many bananas in compost – but I took no notice. Seems I was right.

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