21 thoughts on “Gardening Hacks

  1. I didn’t know you could grow chives in water!
    One thought on vinegar – in the UK, we’re always pleased to see hedgehogs in our gardens, particularly since they eat slugs and snails. I hope vinegar doesn’t discourage them…

    1. I don’t know. We don’t have them here, but we do get lizards which do the same. Will have to look into it. We’ve not had snails for years now as a family of blue tongue lizards tend to hang around. WIll have to check it out. Don’t want to lose them! The lizards I mean…

      1. My friend Ivor, who lives in Geelong, has a lizard that lives in his garden. He’s thrilled with her. Sadly, the only lizards we have in the UK are quite small.

      2. She was. Doing her terrier hunter thingy. She was chastised and looked suitably remorseful. I’ve not ever had a dog that you can take a bone out of her mouth and she just sits and looks miserable!

  2. Great tips. Vinegar has many uses, both white and cider vinegar. I use both as household cleaners, which also saves from paying for expensive cleaners that don’t do the job nearly as well.

    1. You’re so right. I don’t buy supermarket variety household cleaners at all. They are so full of toxic chemicals. The inside of homes where they are used has been found to be more polluted than outside!

  3. I live in Australia as well, down in Tassie. My lizards are only starting to come out, just starting to get warm. I have been out at night with headlamp on at night collecting snails and slugs and have been getting hundreds. I live in a built up residential area and there is plenty of moisture and garden scraps in other peoples yards so i seem to be attracting slugs and snails from those places as well. I was going to get ducks and chickens, however, the council legislation won’t allow it. I will be moving rural in the next couple of years so I will just go out once a week at night and pick them. What part of Australia are you from?

    1. I live in Adelaide. We used to have a lot of snails and slugs, especially after rain. But over the years as we’ve had blue tongue lizards move in to the yard, they have all disappeared.

  4. I would love some blue tongue lizards,I used to get a stack of them when i lived in rural NSW. I only get little skinks in my neighbourhood.

    1. Maybe it’s too cold in Tassie. I’m told by a reliable source that they also keep snakes away. We are getting a lot of reports of snakes even in the built up urban areas at the moment. Not seen any around our way thank goodness.

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