Father and Son Road Trip Day 3 – Katherine

Alice Springs to Katherine – 1200 kilometres. It proved to be an uneventful day after yesterday’s hole in the hose drama.

These giant round boulders in the photo below are aptly called The Devil’s Marbles. Their Aboriginal name is Karlu Karlu (= round boulders).  Located 393 kilometres north of Tennant Creek, they are of great cultural and spiritual significance to the traditional owners of the land who regard the marbles as having extraordinary powers.

The origin of the English name came from a quote by John Ross of the Australian Overland Telegraph Line expedition in 1870: This is the Devil’s country; he’s even emptied his bag of marbles around the place.

The large granite  boulders are the result of natural weathering and erosion, including the precarious balancing.  Varying in size, from 50 cm up to six metres across, they are strewn across a large area.

Katherine was the boys’ resting stop for the night. It’s a pity they were on such a tight deadline as there is much to see and do in the surrounds of Katherine. A place to earmark for future trips.

It’s possible to immerse yourself in the local indigenous culture, go fishing, camping, kayaking, visit thermal springs, gorges and waterfalls.


© Raili Tanska

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The beauty of the world lies within the diversity of its people. Unknown

6 thoughts on “Father and Son Road Trip Day 3 – Katherine

    1. Marc is moving up there for 3 years. He starts in his new job on Monday. Not sure when Markku is coming home. Sometime next week probably. He is helping Marc to put all the flat packs together which arrive tomorrow. And visit relatives who live up there. And some well deserved R n R.

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