It’s Halloween month

I’m seeing Halloween everywhere at the moment. This is my nod to this weird tradition of ghosts, pumpkins, tricks or treats. Happy Halloween everyone !

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Celebrations and traditions bring people together. We should celebrate something everyday! 

12 thoughts on “It’s Halloween month

  1. Sadly, we live on the wrong side of the world for Halloween to really make its mark. It’s definitely an end of autumn/death festival, and we’re heading into spring and the whole new life thing.

    All the same, it’s fun.

    1. Hello, nice to see you here ! I hope you’re keeping well. I’ve never really been into the whole halloween thing much, maybe because, as you say, we’re in the wrong season for it here.

      1. When I was a kid I wished we celebrated it in NZ because I loved anything spooky, but back then nobody did. Now it’s caught on big time, but I’m a little long in the tooth to go out trick or treating.

  2. Happy Halloween, Raili! I like the second video with the pesky broom!
    Halloween is kooky for a celebration, but it’s fun. Not that it affects me or anything… 😉 Mwahaha!

  3. Not really into the whole Halloween thing, but there are some cute decorations popping up around the stores. I think retailers try hard to make Halloween happen in Australia.

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