Memory Lane


My baptism spoon

I’ve been  tripping around our home today revisiting history. It occurred to me that we have a lot of stories accumulated in objects around that house that are stored only in our hearts and minds.

They are tales worth recording. For times to come when we can no longer share an oral history. So I’m snapping photos. Starting an inventory. Googling information. Learning.

The learning has taken me to places all over the world whilst investigating the history and background of where some of our treasured mementoes have emerged.

Onni Pappa's woodworkI have been to many places in Finland (of course!)

These are wooden items made by my paternal grandfather.

He was the champion ladle maker of the county.

And the wooden bucket was  made by him as a doll clothes washing bucket for me.


Ireland, where Waterford crystal production started.

This beautiful bowl was a gift from some Irish friends on my 60th birthday.


I found this unusual pottery tea set in an Op Shop many years ago. Since then, I have discovered that it is handcrafted, award-winning Tenmoku pottery from Malaysia.

These beautiful hand crocheted place mats were a wedding gift from TRH’s (The Retired Husband) widowed, elderly godmother. As were the knotted 8cm tall knitted dolls.


I have ventured to the Philippines, India, many places in Australia, Africa, New Zealand. This is just the beginning ….

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

17 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. I read in a decluttering book that this is a good way to sort through loved objects you’re ready to part with. Put a pix in a scrapbook and then underneath give the history and tell WHY it touched you enough to buy it, or what it felt like when it was given to you. The book said it makes it easier to part with then. So don’t forget that WHY. That may be the most important part because it gives an insight into your heart!

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