Ba-ba-ba- bananas

I just knew there was a good

reason why I like bananas.

Actually, there’s lots

of scientifically evidenced good reasons.

Research has shown that bananas

ß  improve digestion

ß are a great low calorie snack food at approx 110 calories for an average size

ß are loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium and many of the B  group vitamins

ß are a mood booster – that’s ‘cos the tryptophan in them is converted to serotonin which is a  feel-good neurotransmitter

ß are good for muscles, including the heart – that’s because of the potassium content. Which means they also help with muscle cramps

ß help to neutralise stomach acidity

ß are good for the bones due to their manganese content

ß are good for the eyes – it’s the vitamin A in them

ß are great for dry skin because of the antioxidant and phytochemical content

 Care to have a banana?

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Smile like a monkey with a new banana – Eat.Pure.Love

20 thoughts on “Ba-ba-ba- bananas

  1. your blog has really influenced me to eat healthier-i have been in to nutrition since the earliest 80s when I started having family- You have motivated me all over again.-Guess I will be buying more bananas! Thank you

    1. Fantastic! Thank you for letting me know. I am honoured 🙂 We have turned into porridge lovers. Neither of us can imagine starting the day now without a bowlful of oatmeal porridge….I use the steel cut ones and add oat bran to it as well. Himself eats it with a dollop of butter. Sometimes I do too – and add honey. I usually throw in a few sultanas. Even our fur baby is eating porridge 🙂

      1. I keep over-ripe bananas in the freezer to use for baking. The skin goes black but the flesh is perfect. I’ve recently made banana ice-cream. So yummy !

  2. Inside layer of banana skin is better than any anti wrinkle cream. I love bananas in my oatmeal in the morning, with dash of cinnamon and chia seeds.

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