I scored

I scored today.

A HUGE boxful of assorted wool.

Textured, normal, cotton, bobbly, fuzzy, mohairy….

I now have a serious dilemma. What to do with it all?

Do I make more  kritters?

Not the same of course. They never are.

Even I don’t know what will emerge until it’s nearly finished.

 More baby stuff?  More patchwork rugs?

 babay bonnett, crochet

More doileys – red for Christmas ?

More shawls?
c2c shawl finished

Any ideas?

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Crafts make us feel rooted, give us a sense of belonging and connect us with our history.  Phyllis George



16 thoughts on “I scored

    1. Hmm… I have given the scarfy wools to a neighbour. She makes them for fund raising for an aged care centre. I’m not good with the making of them – somehow the edges come out all wonky. And those fancy wools with holes and bobbles and wot-nots end up in all sorts of wotknots by the time my hands have become involved with them!

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