Echoes of Boy Time

We had a surprise visitor earlier this week. He arrived with this Kit Kat in hand. See how pretty it is with the dried rose, hibiscus and raspberries dotted all over it. It tastes pretty awesome too!

Who was our surprise visitor?  Our oldest son. He walked in the door on Sunday night for a three day visit from Melbourne where he is on the tail end of completing his trades training for the Australian Defense Air Force.  The visit had been pre-planned for some weeks apparently – and kept a secret to the very end. Christopher and Tess picked him up at the airport.

Because his brother was home, Christopher of course stayed at home too. Family time – all together for three days.  Lots of home made food. Apparently Air Force food at Marc’s current location is not so good. We even ventured out for to an Italian cafe for brunch one day.

Marc with his veal something or other
Christopher with his mega breakfast

Christopher, who is currently in the middle of a three month vegetarian bet, settled for – wait for it, the boy has a big appetite – four eggs, four hash browns, followed by muesli with yoghurt and protein powder. The waiter had to verify the order a couple of times just to make sure he had heard right.

TRH with his Big Brekkie

TRH (The Retired Husband) settled for a Big Brekkie served on this huge wooden platter.

My lasagna

 I settled for lasagna. We were in an Italian cafe after all. The pasta was home made. It was all good.

Between eating and sleeping we watched movies. Having both boys home again for a while was nice. Having the house back to ourselves after they left is nice too. I think we’ve struck the balance.

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.Mother Theresa

20 thoughts on “Echoes of Boy Time

      1. Hi Mark. A combination of things – intensive farming methods which are often both cruel to the animal and unhealthy for the consumer, methane-based environmental issues, the fact that it doesn’t suit my constitution… but more than anything, I find it far more exciting to cook vegetarian meals, and I’m more liable to experiment.
        Having said that, I’ll eat meat if I’m offered it. Rather that than over-produced soya products that have been imported from halfway across the world and taste like recycled cardboard. I question the ethics of some vegetarians far more than I do meat eaters.

      2. The funny thing is that I seem to spend half my time arguing about food ethics – not with meat eaters, but with particular vegetarians and vegans whose superior stances are ill fitted to their half-arsed theories.
        I could talk about this for hours before I even touch on the evils of palm oil. Apparently protecting Orangutans isn’t part of the ethos… neither are air miles… or the health of bees… or the consumption of peculiar combinations of cardboard and plastic… or blah blah blah 😉
        Although I do know a couple of very ethical and intelligent vegans who put me to shame.

    1. It was good – all of it. marc is back again in a week to attend a friend’s engagement do. And then back in a month for the big move to Darwin , where he has been posted for 3 years. And back AGAIN at Christmas for a proper holiday. He turns 30 this Christmas Eve!

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