Ow- me back !

Ever been plagued by  horrid knots, aches and sore spots in your back, neck and shoulders? Sometimes they jag so bad you can’t catch your breath.

I have. And do. Sometimes there’s a big lump of soreness that just won’t go away…

Last week I came across Armchair Yoga. Gentle. Easy. Designed for those of us who are perhaps a tad challenged in the bending and tying ourselves into impossible shapes. I have diligently been trying to gently bend my body into those easy shapes. Funny, but it seems strangely reluctant to venture into unknown territory. Let’s just say it’s a work in progress and leave it at that.

Then today I just happened to stumble across Bob and Brad. They’re Physical Therapists. I have come across so many different kinds of Therapists this year it is mind blowing. Some I have visited face to face and benefited (or not) from the therapy they have to offer. Now, I am finding them on You Tube !

Bob and Brad, I would have to say, have some really neat ideas to work on those horrid knots and lumps. That’s why I’m sharing this video with you.  I know there must be others out there who suffer from the same aches and pains.

I’ve tried quite a few of these. They actually work ! Go on – have a go.

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
“Take a discovery walk today to find what’s missing in your life. There’s peace in the whisper of the wind, hope in the sun smiling from behind clouds, strength in every step forward. You can do it!”  Toni Sorenson, The Great Brain Cleanse

16 thoughts on “Ow- me back !

  1. I go to a massage therapist for my neck. She tortures me once every 4 weeks, but it’s totally worth it. I have chronic neck pain from herniated discs many years ago, and I would be in much worse shape without those massages.

    1. I went to an osteopath for some 12 months to get my neck sorted. She found sore spots I didn’t know I had. Torture is a good word for it! She also got me to use a posture pillow – has made the world of difference. I no longer need to see her. I do have the occasional massage too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Raili.I can’t relax my jaw – it’s been a problem for years, and I can’t even remember what the relaxed position is. I think that if my neck and shoulders were more relaxed, it may sort itself out. This week I acquired an electric neck massager, but having just tried the exercises in the video, I think they’ll be far more effective.

    1. Sometimes simple is the best. And the best things with these exercises are that you can do them easily at home with minimal tools. I’m glad it’s working for you 🙂

      1. feels like it so far, some of them are the same as yoga exercises I’ve tried before, but I think their casual, humorous attitude makes a lot of difference somehow.

  3. You know I’m a huge fan of yoga… I started exactly because I had various pains in my back, shoulders, neck, you name it. And it’s a minor miracle, just a few yoga stretches once or twice a day, and the pain is practically gone.

  4. How very, very strange the way we interweave! Yet we live so far apart. I also found Rob and Brad recently. I am using their pillow sleeping method at night and it has been wonderful. I have had a dreadful bout of sciatica. I love the way they interact with each other and the sort of hap hazard way they throw their videos together. Your post delighted me – like I met two friends! Thanks.

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