Echoes of Icecream

No, this is not a picture of my homemade icecream

I’m on a roll with trying out all sorts of new home-made recipes. It’s fun when you can do it at leisure.

This week I made icecream. Three ingredient ice cream. Easy peasy. I found the recipe on this Keep Your Health Safe site. So it just has to be good for you ! There’s four versions on the 1.52 minute  easy to follow video instructions. I chose the last one ‘cos it looked so yummy. Swirls of something mixed in with chocolate ice cream. It was called Dulce de Leche swirl.

What on earth is Dulce de Leche? I had to google it. Turns out it’s caramel sauce. In 51 seconds Google had found 8, 010,000 recipes on the net how to make it at home. Of course! I rather liked this easy Pioneer Woman’s version.

Two and a half hours of simmering gently in the can on the stove top is all it took. I just needed to top up the water level. And make sure the can didn’t burst and spew hot caramel sauce everywhere. I am happy to report that it did not. I left it to cool on the kitchen bench overnight.

The next day I was ready to tackle the ice cream making. It was so easy. Whip 2 cups of cream. Add 1 tbsp cacao powder. Add 1 cup dulce de leche. I’m using that word a lot ‘cos it’s my word for the week. And it sounds posh.

Now here is where I struck a bit of a problem. You see, as it cooled in the can, it solidified. There was no way I could create any sort of artistic swirls with that. It would sit as a petrified blob in the middle of the cream. So I nuked it. It was too hot. Of course. So while I was madly stirring and dripping it off the spoon to cool it down, I decided to pimp the dulce de leche. In went some vanilla essence. A generous dollop or two.

When it was cool enough not to ruin the whipped cream, in it went. Then I decided to pimp the whole shebang  and turn it into a Dulce de Leche Swirl with Strawberries.

Now if you have watched the video you will have noticed it was a delicately swirled two tone icecream. On the left is my version. Not swirly.

Into the freezer it went. Last night we had a taste. It is delicious. However, two problems became immediately apparent. Problem # 1 –  It has a sticky mouth feel to it. Now I didn’t mind that so much, but TRH (The Retired Husband) was not so keen on it.

His palate, you see, is decidedly fussy when it comes to textures of food. Prawns and shell fish are OUT. They are rubbery. Skin on chicken is OUT. It must be skinless breast, and only breast. Fat of any kind on any meat is OUT. It is gross. Bones of any kind on any  meat is OUT. They are not edible or aesthetically pleasing. But I digress…

Back to the Dulce de Leche Not a Swirl with Strawberries. Problem # 2 – The strawberry bits were too big and  frozen solid. Not nice to eat until they thawed a bit. Fresh strawberries, however, added a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of the ice cream.

So this morning I took it out of the freezer, left it to thaw for a while, chopped it into rough bits and threw it into the thermomix with a bit of  milk to help it blend whilst still partially frozen. Then I blitzed the bejesus out of it. The end result – a beautifully smooth sort of a pinkish coffee latte coloured icecream. Not too sweet. Problem #1 has been resolved.  The Dulce De Leche Not Swirled ice cream is dee-li-shus!

©  Raili Tanska

Steps forPeace

If the entire world sought to make itself worthy of happiness rather than make itself happy, then the entire world would be happy. ― Criss Jami, Venus in Arms


20 thoughts on “Echoes of Icecream

  1. Hagen Daz has an ice crewm called Dulce de leche. My boyfriend loves it. What a great job you have done in the kitchen. I wouldn’t know where to start to make ice cream.

  2. Can you make it by the gallon?
    I am hoping that scientists will discover ice-cream is full of undiscovered essential vitamins and nutrients that ward off disease and promote longevity. I am hoping they will prescribe it at doctor’s surgeries as a panacea for most diseases and have it dispensed from all health food shops for free with the instructions that at least five portions need to be consumed daily to promote a healthy lifestyle.
    I am an optimist!

  3. Hi Opher,My good lady makes me eat healthy food every day. So much so that I’m embarrassed that I will die one day

  4. That’s a nifty name you’ve come p with for your ice cream.
    My mum used to make ice cream. I’m not sure, but I think it was basically a very creamy egg custard, flavoured with vanilla pods and frozen. It was so delicious that consuming any ice cream which wasn’t made by her seemed pointless. Even now I rarely have ice cream – the last time was in eight months ago, after a tooth extraction, when the dentist recommended it.

    1. The commercial ice creams are full of all sorts of toxins. Interestingly, the latest one being advertised here is a frozen custard 🙂 Your mum was ahead of the times!

      1. Most ready-made foods are – and these days, so are a lot of fresh ingredients, including fish from the pacific and meat from both fields and (grrr) factory farms.
        In fact the human race has spread its filth over practically every kind of foodstuff.
        I think the recipe mum used was a very old-fashioned one, going back to the days when the wealthy employed a cook to prepare their meals, so it didn’t matter how fiddly they were, and a few contemporary cooks are now taking a leaf out of their book…

      2. Tell that to my vegan brother that – he lives on fake meat products. I think they’re made from recycled cardboard… mind you, it is important to recycle 🙂

  5. I put one can of sweetened condensed milk,1 banana, 1 can of blueberries, 4 spoons of Greek yogurt and 1 teaspoon of honey. Blend all, freeze and serve. I’ll give yours a try as well!

    1. That sounds awesome! I haven’t tried the greek yoghurt, but the last batch I made I put in a couple of egg yolk. I had used the whites for something else and needed to find a home for the yolks. Worked well.

  6. I just made Dulce de Leche for a Christmas candy truffle I found on Pinterest that was supposed to taste similar to the Samoa girl scout cookies. Who knew it could be so easy? I let mine simmer for three hours after reading a ton of different recipes and it was perfect. I LOVE making ice cream though, especially three ingredient ice cream. We don’t even buy ice cream anymore because we make so much around here. Therefore, I am excited to try this! I believe I even made an extra can of Dulce de Leche just in case! By the way, I also had to look it up because I had no idea what it was?

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