Echoes of Woodwork


TRH (The Retired Husband) has been busy with secret, sacred man business in his man cave for weeks. Well, months really.

Joining him over the last few weeks have been a couple of budding young man cave aspirants learning secret, sacred man business.

Me and my shadow (Tess the mini four legged female in the family) have ventured into the hallowed halls to take a peek now and then. And to collect evidence. Thus far, I haven’t been denied entry. Mind you, we are careful not to overstay our welcome. There is only so much testosterone we are willing to expose ourselves to. We make all the appropriate ooh, aah noises of admiration. That, I have learnt over the years, is most important. It soothes and appeases.

What we have uncovered during these dangerous expeditions is exposed here  on this post for a first ever public viewing.

This, TRH proudly showed me, is his FIRST safety feature. The monstrous electric plane was originally supplied with one. He removed it. Of course. (It’s kinda like when he gets a new something or other, the first thing to be tossed in the bin is the instructions sheet. Ooops! Did I just say that out loud?) Having injured himself (probably more times than he cares to admit) he thought it prudent to be cautious. So this plastic thingy stops him- and anybody else using the machine – from severing hands, fingers and other appendages. Good idea, huh? What a clever TRH he is.

This is the latest creation – the funny looking thing on the right with the two long sticks. It is called a jig. No, contrary to my expectations, it does not dance. Shame. However, it is a special jig. You see, like his other jigs (he has many – none of them dance) it holds bits of timber in place while he works his magic. This jig is used to create millions of very thin  strips all exactly the same thickness. Apparently that is very important. Wow! Just why he would want to create millions of strips I am not sure. Maybe it is sacred secrets we, the females of the household, are not privy to. Or maybe, just maybe, I may have got the numbers wrong ….

This plank of wood with the funny looking edge is one side of a box. The funny looking edge is a very strong way of joining bits of wood together to create boxes. It is called a finger joint. That, I worked out all by myself (proud moment) is because the ‘fingers’ interlock. Isn’t that interesting?Just like real fingers.

Here is a different jig in action. In this instance for creating finger joints. Lots of them. Because boxes have four sides. And each side has two ends. That makes eight ends that need to be fingered ready for interlacing. That’s a lot of fingering to be done right there. I must say the finished joints look very nice. I hope I didn’t bore you with that technical detail.

Here we have the completed box. It has been sanded, Danish oiled, piano hinged and lock attached. Ready to be used to store a young man’s precious treasures.

I must point out that this particular box has a slightly different finger joint. There are less fingers, but they are longer. The end result is still strong but does not take as long to make. And that is a good thing if you are anxious to get it done more quickly.

Another little project was the creation of a  miniature soccer field board game. It is scaled to be 1/12th of a full size field. Or was that 1/200th? I just may have got those numbers wrong…

Many tools were used and tips were learnt in the making of these things by the budding young man cave aspirants.

Enthusiasm is high. Projected career path trajectories have taken a 360 turn towards – you guessed it – carpentry.

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. Franklin D Roosevelt.
Creative efforts lead to great achievements, maybe even world peace – me



25 thoughts on “Echoes of Woodwork

    1. Always happy to offer the laughter potion 🙂 That’s another book to add to my list of must reads. Believe it or not, I have thought of collating the best of the yarns into a book of sorts for himself. Hadn’t entered into the realms of creating a REAL book 🙂

  1. Lovely to see your sense of Humour and so pleased you survived your expedition and thank you for that very informative narrative to the world of TRH. 🙂 At least you can get in there to explore LOL..
    Wishing you a Peaceful weekend Raili Hugs my friend ❤

    1. Jigs, from my novice understanding, are ‘tools’ – things that hold bits of timber in place while you work on them. They save fingers and hands from being cut to shreds while holding the bit of wood in place 🙂

    1. It does. There is nothing quite like the smell of wood when it is being worked on 🙂 I would love to find a way to use all that sawdust. I believe it is good for growing mushrooms. Must investigate 🙂

      1. I had an idea that involved sawdust – or maybe it was wood shavings. At the time it seemed inspired… I just wish I could remember what it was.
        What a useful mine of information I am! 🙂

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