Salt water sprayed high into the air as  wave after wave broke over  the cliff face. On a cloudless day sunlight played rainbows in the spray of droplets. Like a perpetual motion machine the waves kept rolling in and out ceaselessly. Remorselessly. Slowly the cliff face yielded to the elements giving of itself. Carved off pieces plunged to the ocean floor.

Beneath the weight of the waves a large, heavy piece began its journey of transformation.  Each surge of wave and tide disturbed it. Little chunks worked loose. It had started life as an ugly , misshapen lump. Aeons of time gradually carved and sliced it.

Like a lathe the water was turning it into a smoother, more rounded rock.  As it grew lighter in weight, the waves slowly moved it closer to shore, picking it up, dropping it down, moving it into different positions.  Another grain or two would fall off each time it re-settled on the ocean floor.


Seconds became minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years as the rock continued its waved reshaping. Without ceasing. Sometimes it was gentle and soothing. At other times it was remorselessly cruel, rough and stormy. Tossed and heaved about, crashing and smashing, it lost big chunks of its crusted outer layers. As the waters calmed, the rock’s newly purged surface began to reveal shy glimpses of its inner core – the beginnings of a smooth polish. Still rough, its shape however seemed even more weathered, tired and beaten. Less beautiful to behold. Again and again it crashed and smashed as the waves in their fury pounded it.

Time and the waves continued to reshape it. Hone and polish it. Slowly it changed to reveal its true inner beauty. Layers of different coloured sediments and embedded foreign matter hardened and merged into the original core of it became visible.  The size changed.  It became smaller. Rounder.

Having lost its crusty outer layers, a deep inner glow began to emerge. There was something exquisitely wonderful hidden in its inner core. It was hard. It was resilient. Yet it was soft.  No more did it weigh heavy. Gently it was carried to shore and cast upon the sand.

At last it’s inner beauty was revealed for all to see. It sparkled. And when the sunlight hit it at just the right angle, it reflected all the colours of the rainbow.

A revised version of a fable about life, learning, lessons, growth  first written for Sandbox Challenge 54 

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Beautiful are those whose brokenness gives birth to transformation and wisdom.  John Mark Green



18 thoughts on “Transformation

    1. Thanks Calen. I was sort of in the zone in the rewriting. When I looked at the original, I thought OMG I can’t believe I posted that! It took me ages to rework it to a version that felt right 🙂

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