Bedtime story for Mum and Dad

WARNING: for adults with adult language.

Do not read to your child.

I came across this only the other day. A friend sent me a link to a bedtime story. Turns out her two year old had kept her awake the night before. At 3am she was having her hair brushed.

That link led to others which led to Noni Hazelhurst’s reading of the bedtime story.  Noni is a well known and loved Australian  actress, director, writer, presenter and broadcaster. She has appeared on television and radio, in dramas, mini-series and made for television films, as well also on stage and in feature films since the early 1970s. . Early in her career she was the presenter of a popular children’s daytime TV show called Playschool. I remember watching it with our kids.

The adult bedtime story in question has had a mixed reaction. Me? I thought it was very funny.  Brought back memories … see what you think.

And here is the story  in its entirety –

Now, what do you think?

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Be kind to everyone you meet; you never know if they have a toddler at home.





17 thoughts on “Bedtime story for Mum and Dad

  1. LOL!! My youngest child was not a good sleeper and I was sleep deprived up until she was about 2 or maybe even 3. I really wanted her to “Go the f#$k to sleep!” LOL!!!!
    This was really delightful!

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