Sunday Serenity – laugh!

Continuing on from yesterday –

Laugh like you have never laughed before….

Here’s the warm up ….

Time to get serious now  …. join in

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

Laugh till you cry –

it’s good for you  😀


12 thoughts on “Sunday Serenity – laugh!

  1. Wow! Syncronicity… I wrote that poem about the one perfect moment in my life before reading this post…

    “pain, suffering and death did not exist;
    nothing remained but love,
    and love was the funniest thing.”

    I went to a laughter workshop once, The guy leading it talked about many of the benefits of laughter, but he didn’t mention love.

    Thank you for this amazing post, Raili x

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      1. More than anything, it’s that Laura’s not very well. Her immune system is weak and she has a range of symptoms. There’s a strong psychic bond between us and when she’s ill I feel chaotic.

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