I’m two years old


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My goodness how time flies! Today is  the second birthday of my blog.

In honour of this momentous occasion I thought I would revisit my first ever post. Pressing that publish button was one of the scariest things I did that day. I’m not scared anymore. Just thought I’d mention that.

So, without further ado, here it is –


There once was a gal of Finnish descent

who thought it awfully pleasant to spend

days, weeks, months and years a-dreaming

pen in hand scheming

of places her mind liked to be sent.

Self, culture, heritage and the genes of her sire

enabled her the gift of the gab to acquire

with tongue speeding mile upon mile

hers was not – of the usual style

quill and manuscript were her desire.

She practised her art through years of her life

honed and refined like the blade of a knife

first crafted by hand

then machined it was grand

she soared trending waves like a tale telling kite.

Sought for her skills by workers and peers

reportages, mails, po-ems and tales did appear

they flowed from her head and her heart

at work and at hearth

till to work she said see-yah.

This gal – the one with the gift of the gab –

still gracefully crafts her art on the tab

now typing and blogging

tales she is telling

to young, old and in-betweeners this Cancerian Crab

With glee she still learns and she trends

as her e-art she outwardly sends

with the push of a but-ton

onward and up-on

surfing the net as she e-pens


Seriously, I’m not sure whether to be embarrassed or not. But that was it – raw and untouched from the original post. I like to think that like a fine wine, my posts have matured at least a little since this fledgeling start.

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who honour me with your presence on my site. You make it worthwhile.

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
I universe
9 planets
204 countries
809 islands
7 seas
and I had the
privilege of meeting you
The protip.net




57 thoughts on “I’m two years old

  1. Happy Anniversary. Your blog is always interesting and informative and quite often fun. You have a delightful quirky sense of fun that makes it’s way through your posts. I have been fixing my database so have been having problems contacting people. Seems that’s fixed, so I’ll be able to visit more often. Take care and keep having fun! It’s a great group of people here – encouraging, optimistic, positive and yet real! 🙂

    1. I had no idea what I was getting into Calen! I just knew I HAD to write. Yes, I am loving it for so many, many reasons. AND I am sure it has kept my grey cells functioning in top gear with all the new learnings – which are never ending 🙂

      1. I’m SO missing my gray cells. The doc asked me today if I was depressed since I wasn’t blogging. I said yes, but I didn’t want any meds for depression. I just can’t think on this damn prednisone!

      2. Must be such a bummer! Have you researched other options – eg on that Green Meds site? they have an internal search engine. Just a thought…

  2. Happy Two my friend! I think we joined WP at around the same time which doesn’t surprise me as you are synchronisity exemplified! How time passes ! You have enriched this blogasphere and I for one am endlessly grateful for your existence here and beyond here. Who would have thought I could actually make a REAL friend this way? And yet, in you I have. Thank you. And here is to many more, you remind me of Charlene Harris because she LOVES to write and can write on almost anything and well, this is so you, and I am glad you actually are giving voice to this at last.

    1. Thank you Candice 🙂 I thought you had been around on WP FOR. EVER !! Happy two to you then too … xx
      Seriously?! Charlene Harris of the vampire fame ? Fangs emerge, drooling…. mwahahaaaa

      1. Yes ha ha ha her – and it’s a compliment as she has her GAME ON with writing she really knows how to put it out there in all forms all hats you can’t knock that I totally admire her. A new TV show has just come out of her Midnight Texas books. It’s good. I think there is that ‘high level’ writing (snobby) which we can admire and then there is the writer who can turn her craft in many different directions and get you to love her, and I for one would always vote for the latter. I thought you had been on WP longer also, that’s pretty funny, maybe we joined the same day, maybe it was FATED! 😉 (actually, I am not joking)

      2. I published my first post 1st August 2015. I’d spent an agonising month prior to that on a very steep learning curve getting it set up, and getting my head around the beginnings of it. Learning curve still shooting up but not quite as steeply , lol 🙂

  3. Congrats!!!! I think my second blog is one yr this month…. My first turned two earlier also…….thanks for not using yellow again lol hard to read yellow in deader 🎈

  4. I’ve been away for a few days, but I made it home just in time to with you a happy anniversary – according to my clock, though not yours.
    May we all enjoy many more of your anniversaries, Raili. You make the blogosphere a richer place in so many ways xx

  5. Happy 2nd anniversary Raili, may there be many years to follow of wonderful stories and titbits of information.💞💞

  6. Aw, we almost share a blogging anniversary, mine is at the very end of July. I also distinctly remember how hard it was to hit the publish button for the first time. And now, look at us, publishing like a breeze 😀 Keep it up and have fun!

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