TRH’s New Toy – it’s a Trike

TRH’s new toy

TRH (The Retired Husband) has gone and done it. He’s finally got himself The Trike he has been yearning for and working towards getting for the last two years or more.

For the last week he has been preparing for the trip. Don’t ask me all the details. I just don’t know. But he has –

spent countless hours on the phone organising insurance cover, planning  the pick up and whatever else needed doing on the phone

bought a new suitcase that would be compact enough to fit on the trike yet large enough to contain essentials like TWO helmets (????)

bought merino woollen thermal underwear – that means long johns. It’s cold in them there hills and vales he will be traversing

Our alarm sounded off at 0445 this morning. By the time we left home 15 minutes later, he looked like Michelin man in the many layered outfit he was wearing (‘cos he needed the space in his luggage for other things). I bet he was roasting in the plane wearing that thermal underwear, bikie boots and stuff.

So this morning at the ungodly hour of 5 am I took him to the airport.

From there he flew to  Sydney. Took the train to Penrith. Paid for The Trike. And hit the road.

This photo is it – the new addition to our garage. He is overnighting at Goulburn as he vroom vrooms his way home over the next week.

He’s a happy chappy. Us girls – Tess and me – are at home holding the fort.

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes – Marcus Tullius Cicero
a life that makes your heart and soul sing is the road to peace and happiness – Raili


15 thoughts on “TRH’s New Toy – it’s a Trike

    1. This one has been planned for a long time. He had to get a normal motorbike licence first before he could get a licence to ride a trike here in SA. The road rules are different in every state – stupid!

    1. Lol !! It must be a man thing…. he connected with a roo on the second day. Broken headlamp only damage fortunately. Small country town, no replacement available. Sourced one in Canberra, hour and a half away, but then serendipitously (he would disagree!) the gears got stuck. Long story short – no mechanic available for ten days. He flew home, trike is following next week. He’s truly p***d. Still want one ?

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