Me poor knee


sore knee
psst – these are not me knees

I’m a hibblin’

and a hobblin’

‘cos me knee is a throblin’

It aches and it pains

to step is a game

of do I or don’t I

will it or won’t it

Then me other one

starts a hibblin’

and a hobblin’…

What’s going on ?

It’s just so wrong

for both me knees

to be a hibblin’

and a hobblin’

So I’m a-ministerin’

tender loving care

to the pair

knee support
..neither are these

Me knee it don’t follow the rules

of sizing

supports keep a rollin’

threatening the circulashun

knee magnet
… or this

Magnets on a belt

now there’s a noshun…

… or this !

and the strappin’

well, that’s just dandy

along with some lotion.

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations – unknown

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