I visited a vampire

blood platelets

Ha! Bet that got your attention 😡

Seriously though, I did visit a place where they sucked lots of blood out of my body.

Far more than I would have expected or even thought reasonable.

You see, I went to the doctor yesterday to ask about a persistent, irritating cough that has been hanging around a little while. TRH (The Retired Husband) has been nagging me to have it seen to. So I did.

shut eye

While there, I thought I might as well mention another little irritating matter relating to my eyelids. You see, some mornings they just haven’t wanted to wake up.  I DO mean the eye lids, not me. Try as I might, some mornings they just want to stay shut. Maybe they haven’t slept long enough. They do eventually decide to co-operate and let the daylight in.

What happened next left me a little dazed. First she checked the moles on my back. The little buggars are taking longer to drop off than I think is reasonable. (There is a theme of reasonableness emerging here. Maybe, perhaps,  I am the one being unreasonable ?) For the fifth time they were zapped with the freezing thingy. She calls it CRYO. I am not fond of Cryo. He’s mean and he hurts. On purpose.  Just to make it more interesting, she found a couple of extra ones to do.

blood specimen bottles
My blood filled six of these.

Then she shoved a probe up my left nostril. That made my eyes water. Quicker than I could blink there was another down my throat. I was sent home with a little yellow lidded jar to spit into and return it when said spatting had occurred. And an order for some blood tests. 18 in fact. Yep, that is NOT a typo. To be precise, I have thus far donated bodily fluids and other specimens  for 21 different tests. I suspect there may be more. If nothing else, my doctor is thorough. In her investigations she seems to be leaving no stone unturned. Bless her!


Whilst hunting for my veins, the vampire agreed that there seemed to be a lot required. Most uncommon, I believe were the words used. Hmmm….

What I have a little trouble getting my head around is how I may have contracted syphilis?  (The operative word in any of these tests is MAY.) I have always been under the impression that certain types of activity foreign to me are required for this particular disease to manifest. Am I deluded?

The funny thing is I feel fine, almost on top of the world in fact. Should I be worried? I will find out next week.

I am grateful, however,  that I will have some important basic information about my body’s biochemistry. Stuff that has never in all my 65 years been tested. Like Vit D, folate, iron levels, Vit B 12. And of course a check to see how the lipids and glucose are travelling.

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.” -Voltaire

22 thoughts on “I visited a vampire

  1. Always good to have a thorough check every now and again. Sounds pretty thorough to me. Nothing to worry about. I’m off in this afternoon. Wish me luck.

    1. I thought so too. Then I googled it, as you do 🙂 And you know what, there is such a thing as ocular syphilis! If I understood it right, it is symptomatic of an advanced manifestation of the infection. Bit like the going mad thing. I think I’m safe, lol !!!

      1. Well praise God for that! You know I have dreams about that all the time. I’ll be driving with my eyes closed and can’t get them to open. That’s a huge one I have often. Still trying to figure out what they mean.

  2. Oh my goodness Raili, that is a lot of tubes to be filled. Keep thinking positive because your doctor is very precise and wants to rule out as many things as she can and that can only be good. 😊⛑😘

  3. Those tests sound like they are expensive. If where you are was like the US and your insurance don’t cover it then you’re stuck to pay the bill out of your pension…..

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