Push Presents

What the heck is a push present, I asked myself, the first time I heard it a few weeks ago. Have you heard of this trend?

Boy have I been enlightened since I first heard the term. I turned to Google for some answers after listening to talkback radio today about baby showers and push presents. I almost wished I hadn’t listened, but I did. More to the point, I wished what I heard I could  unhear. So what’s the big deal?

According to Wikipedia A push present is a present a partner gives to the mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child. ‘

It has grown in popularity amongst celebrities. Media coverage has popularised it even more. Some of the more extravagant pp’s have been a 10 carat diamond ring, a Bentley, a diamond and sapphire necklace. Seriously?!

Today I listened to a Baby Shower business owner talk about the rise in competitiveness and popularity of this trend here in Adelaide. People book private function rooms with fully catered lavish events. It has become a cut-throat game of ‘look at me’ and what I can do ‘cos I got the money.

baby feet, rings

And here I was, naively thinking that the happy parents celebrate by cuddling their newborn, taking the precious bundle home and maybe cracking open a bottle of champagne in between feeds and nappy changes. And a much needed sleep.

Whilst some splurge and purge in grotesque Romanesque excess, others sleep rough with empty bellies. There is something seriously wrong here!

What do you think?

©  Raili Tanska – I just have to ground myself to some peace after this.

Steps for Peace
Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu: May all beings everywhere be peaceful, happy, and free.

15 thoughts on “Push Presents

  1. I think there are too many people on this planet. There should be anti-push presents. I also think that a few have far too much and too many have far too little.

  2. I think that’s more than distressing. It’s just one more way our world is being sucked into that material rabbit hole. When will people realize that life — the creation of and birthing of — is the greatest gift there is? We are so out of touch as a species…

  3. Seriously? Never heard of this before. I guess they have nothing better to do with their money and time. Back home we have a child dedication, Baptism, and Thanksgiving which is done 3-4 months after the birth of the baby. It can grow as big as anyone wants but most times its intimate family members and friends.
    Some of these new trends are simply way overboard.

    1. Push presents are just a crazy trend that has grown out of all proportion. We too have baptisms or alternatively naming days if families don’t want the churchy bit.

  4. If I had to go through childbirth, Raili, I certainly wouldn’t want a ‘do’ celebrating it. The next trend will be the whole thing taking place in the room whilst the birth takes place. With countdowns and party poppers. I like some of the things the ‘hey, look at me!’s do… not sure about this one.

  5. I don’t think I’d have had a lo of interest in Bentleys and diamonds after giving birth… no meaningless gift could compare to holding my child… what a stupid, shallow world we live in…
    It could have started as a way for envious men to say “Hey, look at me. I do nice things, I’m more interesting than a baby”…

    1. It has to be one of the most ridiculous trends! I have to agree with you. Holding a new born child is so special. We met our great niece the other day for the first time. A precious 2.5 kg of cuteness 🙂

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