Sunday Serenity

Today, I am offering you a choice of two. This first begins in a forest, leading to you….. This second one focuses on the breath and intent of the words. Have a joy filled, peaceful Sunday. Raili Tanska Steps for Peace peace begins within …

Saturday Smiles

LAUGHTER … There’s some stuff in this link about it  and some more stuff in this video … Now try some … go on! Join in 😯 May your weekend be filled with laughter ! Raili Tanska Steps for Peace Fill your life with laughter….

TRH’s New Toy

TRH (The Retired Husband) has gone and done it. He’s finally got himself The Trike he has been yearning for and working towards getting for the last two years or more. For the last week he has been preparing for the trip. Don’t ask me all the details. I just don’t know. But he has … More TRH’s New Toy

Me poor knee

  I’m a hibblin’ and a hobblin’ ‘cos me knee is a throblin’ It aches and it pains to step is a game of do I or don’t I will it or won’t it Then me other one starts a hibblin’ and a hobblin’… What’s going on ? It’s just so wrong for both me … More Me poor knee

Hear Your Body Talk

Have you ever wondered what your body might have to say to you if it could talk?  Probably not. Yet it does. It sends messages over and over. Patiently. All those aches and pains, twitches and itches are your body talking to you begging for some attention and tender, loving care. Last week I finally stopped … More Hear Your Body Talk

Sunday Serenity

Sunday, a time to stop, take a moment or two to still the mind… I invite you to recharge for the week ahead by this relaxing waterfall deep in the forest of your imagination Find a place where you can be still and undisturbed for the next ten minutes. Light a candle. Sit or lie … More Sunday Serenity

Saturday Smiles

It’s time for that weekend chuckle What a dilemma! I know who would be more useful around the house…. Be decisive. Right or wrong, make a decision. The road is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision. (unknown) I can sooo empathise with this! I get unconstipated just looking at this! With thanks … More Saturday Smiles