Disposable Lives

couples ornament

Head over heels in love

so many plans and happy days

stretching into years of comfort

growing into

 routined patterns of being.

Somewhere along the way

the toothpaste  lid left off

begins to grate and niggle

until bursting with indignation

explosions and accusations fly

building mountains unsurpassable.

♥ / ♥

A parting of the ways

seems the only way to remove the

bad taste.


I wonder will they be

starting over

into yet another disposable relationship….

©  Raili Tanska

Feeling sad tonight. So many relationships seem to be falling apart irretrievably. Is it a syndrome of the way we live with disposable everythings ?

Steps for Peace

Today a quote from a fellow blogger’s poem:

Please teach the leaders. Guns and soldiers are not tools of peace.
A kind face, a offer of friendship and gifts of food, water and medicine.
This is the way to the hope of peace. John Coyote

32 thoughts on “Disposable Lives

  1. So you’re the mindreader in this friendship but i definitely read this beforehand and that’s me kind of spooky. this is a great poem you said it all here and i wish more felt this way shall we start a colony?

  2. Love is about so much more than excitement and highs, i can only think that brand of superficial is a reflective of our disposable culture but I have to believe those of us who reject this are also out there, after all not everyone can be so thrilled obsessed I for one envy your slippers!

      1. Fairground rides make me puke 😦 And the ferris wheel scares me when it stops at the top ! Grounded slippers are so much better 🙂

  3. What’s true is that people are so very selfish. And few believe that sacrifice and compromise is important. So many feel that what they want supersede all else. They they they have the right I their needs and desires first. They are supreme.

  4. Wonderful poem.. and yes, so many relationships throw in the towel over silly squabbles..While no one is ever perfect.. and we all have to work at our relationships its about give and take..
    Sending thoughts your way, and its good to see some of us last the course in this disposable world. ❤

      1. Yes.. trouble is I think the younger generation want everything NOW.. And have no patience. I was three years without a stair carpet.. I had second hand washing machine.. No fridge, and we went without until we could afford to buy.. Today lots of arguments I am sure are based around debts and wants.. And like the goods they buy, its a throw away world, including relationships.. 😉

      2. I think you’re right. Like you, we started out with very little. We had a huge debt and an empty house except for a bed and a fridge. But we were so happy – it was ours 🙂

  5. Yes. It absolutely is. That and when you can get everything you want for free these days in relationships, they don’t mean much to some people. Jmo, however. I really like that statue!

      1. Nooo – other people. It’s not personal, just seems there are are relationship breakdowns happening everywhere at the moment, including, apparently, Ellen Degeneris. Not that any of that affects me personally – just a social comment

  6. What a great post. Sadly, it seems the world is more of a throw away society. I hope it turns around and people realise the gem they have in another person.

  7. You also have to bear in mind a couple of other factors. These days couples know that if it doesn’t work out they can step out of marriage easily, without being frowned upon, and then there are the couples who get married almost on a whim…

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