Woollie socks


woollen socks
Don’t they look cosy ?


Have you ever had the pleasure of wearing handknitted woollen socks in winter? These ones are very nearly like the ones we used to have. I found this picture on Pixabay.

The heels are really tricky to knit

We used to always have someone who could weave the magic of those knitting needles to create such toasty warmth. When the last sock knitter passed into the Heavenly Realms of Knittingdom, I was bereft.

How on earth were we expected to keep our tootsies warm in the winter months? I zealously guarded the few pairs of knitted socks we still had.

Did you know that woollen socks have a habit of developing holes at the toes and heals, leaving the rest of the sock in near perfect condition?  I tried darning them. But a darner I am not! My pathetic attempts left hard, uncomfortable lumps.  I wore several pairs out by layering normal socks on first. But sadly they eventually had to join their creators.

I’ve tried shop bought socks. Nuh-uh!  They lack the love, leaving feet feeling cold and lonely.

Toeless woolly socksnew toes on woolly socks

We are now down to the last few pairs.  So out of desperation I pulled out a pair with holey toes. Holding my breath, scissors in hand, I snipped off the ends. Unravelled the wool till I got to the healthy bits.

Then I sat and looked at them – for a long time.  Eventually I took hold of my crochet hook and yarn and started working on those toeless socks. I was pretty proud of my efforts.

This particular pair of socks are knitted in soft acryclic yarn. Which is why they wore out real quick. Not just that. They are quite thin as well. So I cranked up my creative self into high gear and decided to pad the soles.

That’s why they look a bit chunky. In fact, they ended up looking distinctly mocassin-like.

You see, I first crocheted  new soles using double yarn to make them nice and thick. They ended up curved at the sides. A bit boat-like I thought. This is the risk you take when creating something out of your head without a pattern.

woolen sock repair
Boaty soles…
woollen sock repair
…filled with microfibre pads






Not wanting to unravel all that hard work, I started looking through my cupboards for something soft to use as a filler in the ‘boaty soles’. The thinking here was to make them soft and warm – like walking on clouds. Well, acrylic-like firmly grounded clouds. I found some clean microfibre cleaning pads. Just the right size. Cutting them in half lengthways gave me yet another double thickness to fill the framework of the boaty soles. Clever, don’t you think?


All that was left was to sew them on. And here it is – finished. Tess gave it her sniff of approval.

Only one slight problem. When I measured the new soles against the socks, I made a slight error of judgement so they are slightly shorter. But when you walk on them, they are not dis-similar to those posture shoes that rock as you walk. So unbeknownst to me, I cleverly created some winter warmers that are right up there with the latest health aids for walking!

© Raili Tanska

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28 thoughts on “Woollie socks

  1. Well done! NOW you should patent them and make a million!!! I have a pair, but they were made with scratch wool. I wear them around the house over my regular socks in the winter. 🙂

  2. They look lovely.
    If you can crochet, surely you can knit, too… Making socks is simple and fun, and you get the bonus of being thought clever. I don’t like knitting big things, but I used to knit socks and gloves as they are more interesting – particularly gloves.

    1. It’s all those knitting needles – they confuse me! And then if I drop a stitch I’m doomed. Or rather, whatever I’m making is 😦 No risk of that happening with crochet!

      1. You have a point there. I can’t understand why most people think that knitting is easier than crochet. I much prefer working crochet – but I still maintain that socks and gloves are fun.

      2. A friend rescued me from the doldrums this afternoon. We went to our local fair trade shop – which has a little cafe – and spent the afternoon getting to know the owner better 🙂

  3. Great and ingenious up-cycle! I am more adept at crochet rather than knitting. Thinking kitting a lovely pair of fair-isle socks is the holy grail of knitting. I have made some passable crochet socks though, functional but not as glamorous. ❤

    1. Thanks! I agree, there is nothing quite the same as knitted socks. Tried juggling all those millions (well, six) knitting needles without success. I’ve tried crocheting some too, and they never feel as good.

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